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Wayne Static, Static-X Frontman, Passed Away At Age 48


The very first thing that popped out after opening Facebook today was a very sad news about the lost of another metal legend. Wayne Richard Wells or for many better known as Wayne Static, Static-X frontman, passed away on Saturday, November 1st at the age of 48. Currently there is no additional information about his death, but for whatever reason he died, he left way too young.
The rumours are saying that Wayne Static passed away due to a drug overdose. Only time will tell what was the exact reason of his passing.

Wayne was born on November 4, 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan and “was known” for his signature “stand-up” haircut. He formed Static-X in 1994 and with the band released six studio albums between 1999 and 2009.
Static-X’s albums: Wisconsin Death Trip (1999), Machine (2001), Shadow Zone (2003), Start A War (2005), Cannibal (2007) and Cult Of Static (2009).
After parting ways with Statc-X Wayne Static released solo album in 2011, titled “Pighammer.”
Later this month Wayne and his solo band was set to go on a co-heading tour with Powerman 5000 starting in Waterloo, Iowa.
On January 10, 2008 Static married ex-porn star Tara Wray.

A few statements I gathered on Twitter from fellow musicians:

Take some time off and listed to Static-X and remember Static and his static haircut.

May you rest in peace Wayne Static.


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