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Vulvodynia – Slamming Brutal Death Metal Band From Durban


After doing an interview with The Overmind, a band from Durban, South Africa, Luke from another Durban band contacted me. He introduced me to the Vulvodynia and I instantly knew it would be awesome to interview these guys, to stay on track with the Durban metal scene. If The Overmind is a death metal band, these guys are stepping it further with slamming brutal death metal. Band consists of Duncan Bentley, Luke Haarhoff, Byron Dunwoody and Dave Mills and they picked name Vulvodynia because it’s a painful disease and fits them perfectly. They are a very young band, not even one year old, but they are already making a solid name for themselves. With an already huge following, 2015 is going to be even bigger (and busier) for them. Now let’s dive in the interview and find out more about the band.

1.Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Who are you, who are band members, where do you come from and how old is the band?
We are Vulvodynia. A “Slamming Brutal Death Metal” band from South Africa (Durban and Port Elizabeth). The band will be 1 year old on the fourth of February.

2. How long do you guys know each other how did you meet?
Luke & Duncan knew each other for about 2 months before we had the idea of starting this band, and we met our guitarist/producer & live drummer within the first 8 months of following.

3. What made you pick Vulvodynia as the name for the band? Was this the only name you came up with?
We picked the name Vulvodynia because it is painful, incurable disease. So it fits the genre quite well.

4. Even if the band is just around one year old, you seem you are on the scene for a longer time. How busy was the year 2014 for you? What are your top achievements your are most proud of?
2014 was quite a busy year for us as we released an EP & and LP in the space of about 6 months. Our biggest achievements so far would be getting some of the best vocalists in the genre to do guest vocals for our LP, building up such a huge fan base so fast & one of our fans getting our logo tattooed on him.

5. How excited where you when you released your debut full-length album “Cognizant Castigation?” How stoked were you to work with Arcania’s Luke Griffin and Ingested’s Jason Evans?
We were extremely excited to release this album. Getting those two guys to throw in some guest vocals was a dream come true as their bands are some of our main inspirations.

6. What’who got you into metal music? How old were you?
Luke: My dad used to play metal to me when I was really young, even as young as 2 years old.
Duncan: My dad jammed so much AC/DC when I was in the womb my life was destined to revolve around metal.
Dave: I was 14. Slipknot and Korn got me into metal, Pantera and Slayer got me into heavier stuff, followed by Morbid Angel and Suffocation.
Byron: When I was 15 I discovered Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I didn’t know how they looked like or what they were about, but I loved the music. Then I started going to the local hardcore gigs and started discovering what the whole “alternative” music scene was about. From there I just started listening to more and more metal bands, always trying to find heavier and heavier bands.

7. I read that you are working on a cover. Come one, tell me, what cover will it be?
That is correct! We can’t tell you just yet, we want it to be a surprise.

“Constantly share around/show people your music.”– Vulvodynia

8. Which are Vulvodynia’s top 3 band influencers?
That would probably be Acrania, Ingested & Waking The Cadaver.

9. Reaching a 7k+ following on Facebook is quite a big deal. Do you have any advices for fellow bands how to get such a massive number of followers in such short time?
We’re beyond grateful to have come so far in such a short space of time. The advice we would give is to constantly share around/show people your music.

10. Which is your favorite traditional Durban food?
Luke: Definitely a bunny chow.
Duncan: Bunny Motherfucking Chow.
Dave: Bunny chow.
Byron: Bunny chow, no question. Quarter mutton by default or Half mutton, if I’m starving or drunk. And a side order of plain roti also with a bunny please and thank you. I have eaten tens of thousands of bunny chows.

11. Outside metal, what music do you like? (Bring out all your secrets)
Luke: I listen to a lot of 60s/70s influenced Psychedelic Rock & a ton of Hardcore.
Duncan: I am open to pretty much all genres so I like to delve into everything I can so I don’t get bored of a genre.
Dave: The Star Wars soundtrack, bit of old school rock, funk.
Byron: Rock/Grunge: Alice In Chains, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Guns ‘n Roses, A Bit Of Rush. I love Primus. I also like industrial acts like Alien Vampires & Combichrist. I am loving the Jump Street 22 soundtrack right now. Also Hardcore acts like Kublai Khan, Terror, Sick Of It All.

12. Tell me more about your upcoming EP “Finis Omnium Ignorantiam.”
We’re definitely bringing the heaviness with this next EP. It’s a lot heavier than our last album in all aspects.

13. Finish this sentence: If I were a mouse-sized dinosaur…
Luke: I’d probably just eat all the other mouse-sized dinosaurs.
Duncan: I would grow weed for my fellow mouse-sized dinosaurs.
Dave: I’d Fxck shit up.
Byron: I would star in mouse-sized commercial, but still eat all the crew and cast.


I am sure this is the cutest Vulvodynia fan ever!

14. Your current top 5 most played songs on your iPod/mp3 player.
Luke: Enfield – Alyssa, Enfield – Perpetualist, Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Traitors – Malignant and A Night In Texas – I, Godless.
Duncan: Brotha Lynch Hung – I Plotted, No Zodiac – Immoral Agenda, Annotations Of An Autopsy – Welcome To Sludge City, Oceano – Fractured Frames Scattered Flesh and Acrania – Auctioneer Of Depravity.
Dave: The Black Dahlia Murder – Black Valor, Hour Of Penance – Misconception, Suffocation – Pierced From Within, Nile – Sacrifice Unto Sebek And Cryptopsy – Graves Of The Fathers.
Byron: Sensory Amusia – Reprogrammed, Molotov Solution – Cruor Viaticus, Revocation – Madness Opus, The Red Shore – Sink Or Swim and Linkin Park – Bymyself (Reanimation).

15. What are Vulvodynia’s 2015 goals?
We’re planning on playing live shows around the country, releasing a brand new EP & some other fun stuff we can’t talk about yet.

16. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thank?
Luke: We’d like to thank The Blek Goat for interviewing us & Vicious Instinct Records/Brutal Gear for always backing us!
Duncan: Thank you to the sun for giving our planet energy to live.
Byron: Big thanks to the fans and the people that help promote Vulvodynia.


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