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Veckans Vral Interviews Rok Krivec Of The Blek Goat


veckans vral
A little while ago I received an email from this awesome guy, Veckans Vral aka P-O from Sweden, asking me if I’d be interested in doing an interview for his blog. Of course I was interested and I am really honoured getting such opportunities.
Starting your own business is hard, takes a lot of time and you need to say no to a lot of things. Yep, no to parties, no to events, no to trips, no to concerts and the list goes on and on. So every single time a person is willing to help me spread the word of The Blek Goat out there I get super excited. This goes not only to guys like Veckans Vral, but also to all the people on social media sites. It really amazes me how much support I already received and I can not be more thankful. Everyone who is reading this, big Thank You!

If you understand Swedish (you can also use Google Translator in his blog to translate it to your language) head over to Veckans Vral’s blog and read the interview I, Rok Krivec, did about me and The Blek Goat, heavy metal clothing brand. It is about who am I, how it all started, future goals and more. Enjoy the read and “Keep it simple. Keep it metal.”


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