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Trooper Beer By Iron Maiden Available In Cans In 2015


The already very popular Iron Maiden Trooper beer bottles are getting a sibling. They will be getting a canned brother. The news recently strike the world that there are 300,000 cans in the production and will be available in January 2015 in the USA. Yes America, you are getting the one and only, the Trooper beer in cans in just under one month. My first ever taste of this ale was about a year and a half ago at a festival. I am no super, mega beer enthusiast, so I can not go into flavour details, but I will simply say, it is a really good and drinkable beer.
Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickinson designed this beer with Martyn Weeks, the chief brewer at Robinsons Brewery in March, 2013. It has since sold millions of pints around the world and with canning it the number will (probably) start growing even faster.
Canned Trooper beer will be available in 500ml “tall boy” cans, which will definitely expand consumers reach. Like Bruce Dickinson said, cans don’t break, so they can be easily taken to sporting events, music festival, venues and to other shows and events where glass is not allowed.
Get drunk, but drink wisely! And don’t drink and drive!


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