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Top Metal Band Names According To Metal Archives


Have you ever wondered which heavy metal band names are most popular and how many bands are using them? No? Yes? It doesn’t actually matter, because this Reddit user, darinhq, made a list of most common band names with help from Metal Archives website. With a database of thousands (more than 99500 actually) of metal bands, the answer is now here so scroll below and check out the most popular metal band names.
On the top spot is name Nemesis with 36 bands using the name. Second place goes to Legion with 33 bands using it and on third is Requiem with 32 bands.
On the top 10 list of most popular metal band names are also: Oblivion (30), Mortuary (28), Genocide (27), Torment (27), Necrosis (26), Ritual (26) and Abaddon (25).
Each time I see two bands with the same name I ask myself, “Why the hell would you pick the same name?” And when you see 36 bands are using the same name everything gets kinda silly. Maybe it is just me, but I would never want to have a band which’s name is already taken by ten different bands. Not even one. I would want to have a unique band name that no one is using.

Darinhq also reported that most popular 2 word metal band names are Dies Irae (13 bands) and Rigor Mortis (13 bands).
One more info that darinhq stated is the least likely copied band and it goes to I Hate Elevators Door Open Up And A Raptor Appears In Front Of Me. Who even picks a name like this? And if you wonder how this band sounds, check it below:

The list of top metal band names

metal band names
I decided to search for top three band names and see what YouTube gets me. Below are the results.




These bands are the first I clicked on, so sorry to all others who I did not feature in this post.

Since we are already talking about metal band names, check Petehaughie where you can generate your own metal band name. It is based on Invisible Orange’s post about 100 most overused metal band name words.


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