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Tiamat Is My This Week’s Band Obsession


It is almost becoming my tradition that pretty much each week one band stays on top of my playlist and is played on repeat. Some bands stay on top for a shorter time and some for a longer. This week’s, actually, I must be honest with you, for the past two to almost three weeks I am kinda obsessed with Tiamat. Their atmospheric, dark and epic sounds with deep vocals are mind blowing to me. There are plenty of bands in the dark gothic metal/rock scene, but for now I can say that Tiamat is the band that stayed on my top favorite gothic metal bands list for a very long time. And I believe nothing will be changing in the future. Also because I am familiar with these guys for quite some time now and it would need to be something extremely special in a band to beat them. But hey, you never know what happens next, because there are so many amazing bands out there and maybe, just maybe, one day I will find a band that willcome close to Tiamat.

I remember how excited I was last year when attending Metal Days 2014 in Tolmin, Slovenia with my main aim, to see Tiamat. They were the last band on the last day and I believe if I would missed them or get a little too drunk, I would probably kill myself. One of the reasons why I was so excited about their show was also because a few days before the festival I read that this is going to be their very last show.
I was holding back myself through the whole day and when the time came, oh wow, it was simply beautiful. I tried not to be too excited, because you know how it goes when you are super excited about something. Well, normally it turns out that it is not as good as you expected. This time it went as planned and the concert was epic. The sound was great, the atmosphere was unreal and everything lead to a perfect ending of the festival.
In case you haven’t heard for the band before and you like this style, I believe you’ll like them a lot.

A few Tiamat songs you must not miss:

To stay up to date with the band like their Facebook page. And in case you know nothing about them, read their Wikipedia page.


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