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Things Band Members And Audio Engineers Say In Studio


I know all you American metalheads need a little break before or after the big feast today, don’t you? There is no better way than doing it with a good old laugh. We should all thank Jared Dines of Dissimulator for filming these five hilarious parodies and making us smile. He collected stuff that he heard band members and audio engineers say while in the studio recording. All this is meant to be funny, exaggerated so do not take is seriously. I am no musician, so I have no idea what band members are doing and saying in the studio, but now I know. Or do I?
Anyways, not matter how much of all this is true or over exaggerated, I think it is super funny and you all should give it a watch.

Things drummers say in studio.

Things guitarists say in studio.

Things vocalists say in studio.

Things audio engineers say in studio.

Jared already put plenty of funny videos out and you are doing crime if you haven’t seen them yet. If you remember the 21 metal genres in just under 5 minutes post I posted a little while back, you know what I am talking about.
For more funny stuff like these parodies about band members, subscribe to Jared Dines’ YouTube channel.
Since this is my only post for today, I wish all you American metal fans a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Eat a lot of turkey and listen to a lot of good music!
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