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The Oath – Consequences Album Feature And Interview


When getting a chance to listen to a never-before-heard band and its new record, you normally hope only for the best. You hope this is going to be your next favorite band because you are constantly on the hunt for new bands and you do need a break from time to time. A break from the hunt, so you can focus yourself on only one band and to listen to its music non-stop.
This is what happened to me when I first tuned in Lyon, France based melodic extreme metal aka melodic death metal band, The Oath. Yes, they literally are that good. Usually, when listening to new music, I always try to figure out its similarities to other bands’s music. In this case, the closest I get was Behemoth. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what my ears hear. Or maybe it’s just the vocals that are slightly similar. The point is, The Oath has such a unique sound, so specific but at the same time really broad. It’s one of a kind. From the amazing growls of Pierre Leone to Romain Devaux’s clean vocals. From heavy riffs to progressive keyboards melodies, this band is a treat and their fourth full length album, “Consequences,” is an amazing proof. When you think the intro is leading to a more gothic oriented song, out of the blue, it smacks you in the head with heaviness. I haven’t heard anything from The Oath before, but this ten track record made me wanna hear more. Each song is on its own unique and one of a kind. It is definitely an album that you must not miss in 2015. So much breathtaking stuff is going on throughout the “Consequences” that there’s a good chance you’ll need to press pause for a few seconds to start breathing normally.
You know what I am going to do next, play “Consequences” for another time.

To get to know The Oath a little better, I managed to get a few answers from Pierre, band’s vocalist and guitarist. Find out what’s up in the short interview below.

1. Who are you, where do you come from and who are band members?
Hi! We are The Oath and we come from Lyon, France and we play a kind of melodic extreme metal with progressive elements, usually called “melodic blackened death metal.”
Today, the band is composed by Pierre Leone (vocals and guitars), Romain Devaux (keyboard and clean vocals), Kris Bardon (drums), Manu Da Silva (lead guitars) and Alexandre Bouteiller (bass).

“At the beginning, the idea was simple: play metal music, have fun and drink a lot of booze.”– Pierre, The Oath

2. How long are you together and how did you meet and come up with the idea about creating a band?
I (Pierre) and two very good friends of mine started the band in 1999. We simple met each other at school. At the beginning, the idea was very simple: play metal music, have fun, and drink a lot of booze.
3. Which are your bigger band influences?
We grew up with many heavy/thrash main bands during the 80’s/90’s like Iron Mained, Judas Priest, Slayer, Megadeth, Heloween, Metallica… At the end of 90’s, many extreme bands gave us a new breath, in influences terms, like the Gotheburg scene with major bands like At The Gates, Edge Of Sanity, Dark Tranquillity, or the first black metal melodic actors like Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, etc. We could also talk about bands like Paradise Lost or Sentenced for the gothic mood, but there are to many awesome bands…
Just mix these opposite universes and you can see where our roots started! Maybe that’s why we created something very hard to label with the band; we really have our own “touch.”

4. What can we expect from The Oath in the second half of 2015?
We will finish the promo around the “Consequences” release and, I hope, will play live as much as possible (according to our non-metalhead lives…).

5. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.
Our forthcoming gigs will take place in beautiful French areas like Annecy (French Alps) and Nice (French Riviers) during the summer. Before our summer break we will have one last gig in Barcelona, Spain during an open-air festival. So, in short: beautiful places, stunning gigs, too many beers; come and join the party!
6. Where can we find more about you?

7. Any last words you’d like to add?
Thanks for this fresh interview and hope all you guys will like our musical universe! Take care and stay true to yourselves!


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