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The Blek Goat Handcrafted Leather Goods Available Now


leather goods
After owning a small little leather business called Mellon Kreft I knew since the beginning that The Blek Goat will eventually have its own line of leather goods. The time has now come and the first line of leather accessories is available now. The line consists of five pieces: Thand card holder, Blek Feather key fob, Sting and Narsil key clips and Meldir bracelet. All you Lord Of The Rings fans may notice it already, but for everyone who doesn’t, yes, this whole line of leather goods is inspired by Lord Of The Rings.
Ever since I started listening to metal music I have a thing for leather. In my early metal years I was obsessed with bracelets and it came to the point when I even started making my own ones. Over the years my bracelet-obsession faded away, but passion for leather stayed. Like with clothing, simple and minimalistic leather goods are what I am after. No fat wallets, not crazy chained key clips or huge bracelets. Simple and timeless leather pieces that are well crafted and age beautifully. This is why I picked high quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather to work with. All natural skins are different what makes each product unique. Marks, scars, dents and other skin imperfections are making leather a truly beautiful material to work with. And what is even better, it ages beautifully. The more you use it, the better it gets with added user’s personal touch to it. To top it all up, metal music and leather (and of course beer) are two (three) things that go extremely well together since forever.
I am excited to let you know that this is just the beginning of handcrafted leather goods by The Blek Goat. Over time more products will be introduced to the line so stay tuned. Until then, check out all the current leather products in store and learn more about them.

Blek Feather key fob
blek featherSting key clip
stingNarsil Key Clip
narsilMeldir bracelet
meldir-2Thand card holder


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