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Stömb From France Is My This Week’s Band Obsession


It was just recently when I stumbled across this metal site (I can’t remember which it was) where they were writing about a band called Stömb. I never heard for the band before and I almost passed by the post, when something grabbed my attention. I don’t know what exactly this “something” was, but I guess it’s something on their “The Grey” album cover art that caught my eye. I will never have the answer, but it must be due to some kind of a higher force that “forced” me into visiting Stömb’s Bandcamp page. Don’t start asking questions, cause I don’t have answers, but what I do know is this. I think “The Complex” song wasn’t even one minute in and I was literally spellbound by their music. I listened to their whole debut album in one go. Not only once, I listened to it for probably five more times that day and I am still listening to it pretty much non-stop (yes, I am listening to “The Grey” right now). I already talked about this in my King Of Asgard post, there are bands out there that you stumble across (by accident) and you became an instant fan of. And these Frenchmen are another good proof.

I am not exactly sure when the Stömb was formed, but since their EP “Fragment” was released in April 2013, I am guessing they are not an extremely fresh band. This got me wondering, why these guys aren’t bigger? Why I haven’t heard for them before? I know better late than never, but damn, I really wish I heard for them sooner.
Stömb is a four piece band from Paris, France that consists of Tom B. (lead guitar), Aurélien D. (rhythmic guitar), Alexandre G. (bass) and Olivier R. (drums). They are an instrumental progressive metal band with touches of experimental (and, I guess, even some doom) metal.
Throughout their ten track debut album I wasn’t missing singing not even for a second. Everything is so on point and the quality of the sound is incredible. I am sure that if they would bring a singer in, Stömb as a whole would be far from being as good as the instrumental version.

If you are the kind of person that likes experimenting with music, you must definitely give these guys a go. They are absolutely amazing and I am 99% sure you’ll enjoy them.

The Grey track list:
1. The Complex
2. Rise From Nothing
3. Veins Of Asphalt
4. Corrosion Juncture
5. The Crossing
6. Under The Grey
7. Terminal City
8. The New Coming
9. Genome Decline
10. Only An Echo
Hit up their Facebook page and give Stömb a like and show the some love.


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