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Solstafir At Gala Hala, Slovenia – November 20, 2014


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Ever since I first saw Solstafir live last year at MetalDays 2014 in Tolmin, Slovenia I was dying to see them again. Mainly because I wanted to see them perform indoors in front of a smaller crowd and of course because I love their music. Then the announcement of their first ever European tour came in October and boom, my home country of Slovenia was on the list. I knew I must not miss this one no matter what. I immediately knew that the spot, Gala Hala, will be perfect for the Solstafir show. The place is relatively small and the sound is on quite a high level.
The day finally came and off to Ljubljana we went. Before the concert I knew Obsidian Kingdom will also be playing, but I somehow missed Esben And The Witch. I must say I kinda am thankful to myself for missing them, because when I saw them live I was pretty much blown away. They were freaking incredible. I also need to mention that Obsidian Kingdom’s music and performance was amazing. OK, so now we were two shows deep, both being insanely good and now we are waiting for Solstafir. We went outside to catch some fresh air and just in time we came back in the show began (I would probably kill myself if I would miss the intro). For more than one year my gut was saying that Solstafir’s live performance is better in front of a smaller crowd than at a festival. My gut was damn right. I am not saying that their style of music does not fit festivals, it sure does, but it’s the smaller place and less crowdy what makes it that much more special.
If I would need to describe the show with one word I would say, “incredible.” It really was and if you’ll ever get a chance to see Solstafir live (of course if you like this style), go check them out. Try see them at a local spot, but believe me, festival will also satisfy your needs.

Unfortunately I am not good at taking photos, so no photos from the show except the thumbnail and me holding the ticket above. I also want to add this: I normally try and enjoy concert to the fullest and not distracting myself too much by being busy taking photos and stuff.

Go follow Solstafir on Facebook to keep yourself updated with photos and news from the tour.


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