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Slash, Former Guns N’ Roses Guitarist, Talking His BMX Past


I am really wondering how many people out there (especially BMX riders) know that Guns N’ Roses’ very own Slash rode BMX bike. Yep, that is correct. Before he found his passion for guitar he was riding race and freestyle BMX. If you will watch the above video interview you’ll find out that he was doing quite well. Winning several competitions and actually earning money from it. Slash was about thirteen years old when he got into BMX and one of his future goals was to become a freestyle motocross rider. Fortunately or unfortunately, it depends, he discovered this thing called guitar and this was something he became really passionate about. At the beginning of his musical career he was taking his BMX bike with him on tours, jumping of off stages and stuff like that. Eventually people around him saw him drinking and doing stunts on the bike, what turned out, they took the bike away from him. It sure was a risky business, especially if Slash would get seriously injured and that means the tour is over. And everyone who knows a little about extreme sports knows that injuries happen all the time (believe me, I am an expert here).
Now being 49 years old he still owns a few BMX bikes, but unfortunately he does not use them for jumping things anymore. I am really wondering how he would do riding ramps at skatepark at his age. Or maybe something a little bit not so risky – I would like to see this guy at least riding on a BMX bike!

Slash: “We used to break into places and ride. We broke into houses, used people’s pools. We used to break into schools…”

It is really awesome seeing Slash talking about the similarities between BMX riding and his musical career in the interview.

Saul Hudson, or for everyone better known as Slash, likes a lot of different things. Read about them on the Slash Paradise website.


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