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Singularity – 4-Headed Metal Band Hailing From Phoenix, AZ


This week’s interview is all about a four headed symphonic black and technical death metal band Singularity. These guys are hailing from Phoenix, Arizona and they are Jack Fliegler (guitar/vocals), Adam King (bass/vocals), Nick Pompliano (keyboards/vocals) and Nathan Bigelow (drums). Last year they released their self titled album and to be straightforward with you, it is a killer record from first to the very last song. Now read below and get to know these guys a little better and see what they are all about.

1. Hey guys. Please introduce yourself. Who are you, where you come from and who are band members?
Hey Rok! Thank you for having us on your website. My name’s Jack and I play guitar and vocals in Singularity. We hail from Phoenix, Arizona; The Valley of the Infernal Sun. The band is:
Jack Fliegler – Guitar/Vocals
Adam King – Bass/Vocals
Nick Pompliano – Keyboards/Vocals
Nathan Bigelow – Drums

2. When was Singularity formed and how old is current lineup?
Singularity was formed in early 2010 but we went through a few lineup changes. Nick and I are the remaining original members but we have never felt more solid with this current lineup with Adam and Nathan.

3. Tell me more about the name Singularity? What’s its origin and why you picked this name?
Our music is designed to take you on a journey. The name Singularity defines the sonic experience you get from the music; as if you’re being swallowed by space and time itself; spat out in another plane of existance.
4. I just recently heard your album. It caught my ear right away. How long did it took you to record it and how excited where you about its release?
We recorder the album independently and by our own means so we were able to take our time with it and craft it to sound exactly how we wanted. We spent the majority of 2014 working on this album. When we finally released it in later September of 2014, it was one of the greatest feelings we have experienced.

5. I think opening track “A Withdrawal Of Salvation” is my favorite one. Which is your favorite and why?
Jack: My personal favorite track would probaly have to be “Desert Planet.” That song, to me, is the embodiment of what Singularity is about musically and lyrically.
Adam: My favorite track is “Monolith.” It is a brooding and forceful song with a unique concept. It has many ups and downs yet the message of the song stands clear. Plus, it is super fun to play live.
Nick: Picking a favorite track is like asking which of their children a parent loves more but if I had to pick one it would be “The Ascension.” I feel like it showcase the technical proficiency of the band really well while retaining listenability. Also, it’s just really fun to play.
Nathan: My favorite track is “The Ascension.” It starts of fast and heavy and then morphs into a super catchy, powerful song. It’s also a crowd favorite so I get really pumped to play it live.

6. You supported quite a few band already, but since I am a big fan of Behemoth, I am curious about how did time spend in the backstage with these guys look like?
They are very cool guys! Our bassist, Adam, picked Nergal up from the airport and they hung out for a little while. He took Nergal and Orion to the gym earlier in the day for a pre-show workout as well. Adam was mentioning how laid back and cool those dudes were. It was an honour to share the stage with such a legendary band!

7. Are you nervous before the show? Do you have any specific rituals to prepare yourself?
Jack: I always get a little nervous before shows because you never know what will happen! I always calm myself down by having an inner monologue about the fact that I am doing this for pure enjoyment and self expression, and whatever happens, I know that I am giving it 110%.
Nick: I use to get really nervous before shows but now I just get excited about getting to play. I don’t have any specific rituals for before I play but I always like to stretch before I go on stage. Nothing would be worse than pulling a hamstring getting into a power stance.
Adam: I typically don’t get nervous about playing shows but I might get some butterflies, if we headline a show of our own or are sharing the stage with a huge national act that night. Other than a basic vocal and hand warm up routine, I like to stretch and listen to a favorite band of mine for inspiration before going on stage.
Nathan: Yeah, I get a little nervous before every show but I try to distract myself. I usually stay busy by stretching and warming up. I don’t have much time to worry about anything by the time we are on stage.

10. What is the last album you bought and why you bough it?
Jack: The last album I bought was No Obliviscaris’ first LP. I discovered them with their latest release, “Citadel” and was instantly a diehard fan. So I backtracked to their first album. They have some great material on the first LP as well; much more black metal which is always a great thing.
Nick: The last album I bought was “We Like It Here” by Snarky Puppy. No, it isn’t metal but they are some seriously talented musicians and the album as a whole is incredibly groovy and a great listen.
Adam: The last album I bough was “Apex Predator” by Napalm Death. Not my favorite album of theirs but it certainly shreds in classic ND style. I bought it before they came through town on their last tour so I could know the songs they were playing at the show. They nailed it, to say the least.
Nathan: I think the last album I purchased was Meshuggah’s most recent release “Koloss.” The album has been out for a while now. I have always been a huge fan of Meshuggah so any time they release an album I’m usually going to get it.

11. What non-metal music do you enjoy listening to?
Jack: I’m hugely influenced by old school video game music. I’ve been listening to the Mega Man X soundtrack a lot recently. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Star Fox 64 sound track and I apply it a lot towards my writing.
Nick: I listen to pretty much everything from classical to rock. I was raised on a wide variety of music and continue exploring new genres and styles today. I feel like having a diverse diet of music helps me out a lot when I’m writing or playing because I have so much to draw from and get inspired by.
Adam: I grew up on hard rock bands such as Styx, KISS, Van Halen, and Queen. So if I’m not listening to metal I still like to throw on some heavy stuff. But I also appreciate legitimate country music such as Hank 3 and David Allan Coe. Blues music is awesome too. I’ll pretty much throw on anything that has guitars playing.
Nathan: I can find something I enjoy from all genres of music. Currently I enjoy listening to Hammock. They have a very ethereal sound and the music has a weird way of putting me deep into thought about life. I also enjoy any catchy music, whatever genre it may be in.

12. Where do you see Singularity in 5 years?
Doing TV commercials maybe? Hah. But seriously, we are all 100% dedicated and driven to take this band as far as possible. We plan on touring constantly and producing as much music as possible. Five years is a long time from now. With the rate things are going, we will be doing some wonderous things!

“Once you go black, you don’t come back!” – Singularity

13. If I ever visit Phoenix, where would you take me to lunch and why?
If you haven’t already, you absolutely have to check out our Mexican food. I live a few miles from a taco shop that will obliterate your hunger and paralyze you for several hours. Possibly days.

14. Your top 3 currently most played songs on your player.
Jack: “Winter In Tomis” – Ovid’s Withering, “Knot” – Chon, “Painters Of The Tempest, Pt. II” – No Obliviscaris.
Nick: “The Violation” – Fleshgod Apocalypse, “Panic Attack” – Dream Theatre, “Progenis Of The Great Apocalypse” – Dimmu Borgir.
Adam: “Glare” – Vesania, “Slap U Around” Gwar, “Pills I Took” – Hank Williams 3.
Nathan: “This Is The Time” – Nothing More, “Alpha Incipient” – Fallujah, “L’Enfant Sauvage” – Gojira.

15. What are Singularity’s future plans? Anything big in the works?
We’re just about to release our first music video! on top of that we have a west coast summer tour in the works. Later this year we will also begin working on some new music as well! The wheels are turning rapidly!

16. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thank?
Thanks a ton for having us on your website, Rok! We will most definitely take you out for tacos if you come down to Arizona. Thanks to everyone for reading the interview! If you haven’t already, check out our bandcamp page to download album for FREE ( Thanks a ton to all of our fans for your support! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And finally, keep it metal!!


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