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Scott Ian From Anthrax Lands A Role In The Walking Dead


Anthrax’s very own Scott Ian landed himself a role as a “walker” in the upcoming episode of the mega popular TV series, The Walking Dead.
This is actually not the first time Scot appeared in The Walking Dead series. Three years ago, back in 2011, Scott filmed an exclusive web episode of the series, but this time he says it is a dream come true. I know all you The Walking Dead fans will get crazy jealous, especially after watching the transformation in Scott’s Bloodworks series above.
I haven’t seen a single episode of this show, but since Scott Ian will be appearing in it I might give the new episode a watch. I just wanna see how the final “product” will look like, because they made Scott Ian a damn good zombie.
Scott is a huge fan of The Walking Dead since the beginning and he thought to himself, “God damn, it would be the coolest fucking thing if I could ever, you know, get to be a “walker.”
KNB sculptor, Jeremy Aiello, said that since he’s a high profile guy they probably wanna not completely cover up who he is.

I’m just so fucking excited to be part of it,” says Scott Ian.

Director Greg Nicotero says: “I wanted more for you.” By that he meant, not just a “walker” who gets shot from a distance of 200 feet, but an actual close up.


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