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Sciamachy – A post-Metalcore Band From Stockholm, Sweden


Emil from Sciamachy just recently contacted me to share with me their music and even if I am not that big of a metalcore guy, I really dig their style, high quality and their believe in thinking differently. They are a five-piece post-metalcore band from Stockholm, Sweden and they consist of Alexander, Emil, (another) Emil, Johan and Jonas.
Sciamachy is still quite a fresh band, but when you’ll hear their music and watch the music video for song Phoenix (watch below) you won’t even notice their freshness. What is also making these guys very special is releasing an entire album before even playing any gigs.
And guys, I’ll sure let you know if I’ll ever visit Stockholm, because I am extremely curious what you can come up with cooking-wise.

1. Introduce yourself first. Who are you, who are band members and where are you based?
Hi all! We are Sciamachy, a post-metalcore band from Stockholm, Sweden. We consist of Alexander Hirt (guitar), Emil Fors (vocals), Emil Savage (drums), Johan Liljeblad (guitar) and Jonas Lorich (base).

2. How did you guys meet and how did you start Sciamachy?
Savage and Johan played in a band previously and were trying to find members through different online sites. Eventually Emil answered and brought in Alex. Later on we recruited Jonas who Johan and Savage knew previously. So we are a bit of a mix of old time friends and new friends from the net (who could be potential serial killers… but so far all is good).

“We wanted this band to be “serious” from the start.”– Sciamachy

3. Being different and thinking outside the box is very important in today’s noisy world. Your plan since the very beginning was to be different. What are three main things that are making you stand out from the rest of the bands?
We were all very clear on that we wanted this band to be “serious” from the start. We didn’t want to go through the same thing we all had before with small releases, trying to get likes on a page without music and just doing what everybody else does as a new band. As we all had played in different outfits before we tried to see what we had done “wrong” previously, or at least, what we could do to make us feel that we were doing something right.
The first thing we decided on was that we wanted to record more than just an EP for our first release. Maybe it was a bit ambitious, but then again, that’s not something that’s bad to have connected with your band name. Secondly we decided not to play any gigs until we had something released, which proved very difficult as the recording took some time and we all were very eager to show our stuff to anyone with half an ear. But we were able to keep it in our pants and today it proved to be very beneficial as people were keener to come to the shows when they had heard some of our stuff. Thirdly we’re trying to keep an aura of professionalism in everything we do. Logos, Facebook posts, videos, etc. should all be as good quality as possible, and hopefully we’ll be able to keep this up and not start posting a bunch of memes on our social media.
4. Putting out an entire album before even “showing” yourself to fans at gigs made me wonder, how did fans and people who never heard for you before react to it and to your music in general?
It might have been a bit of an overkill to release 9 songs as a brand new artist, but it’s something that I (Emil) am very happy we did. Most people have been very happy to find and entire album to stream instead of just a single or three song EP when they have found us. It also gives an impression that we’re willing to give it all right from the start, and I think people noticed that.

5. What’s up with the name Sciamachy?
Well, names are tricky… but we are very pleased with ours. It took a looong time though to find something that we were pleased with, I mean, both the sound of the name and the meaning of it has to be perfect. It’s basically like naming a child. Sciamachy was both a name that sounded nice, was unique and had a cool meaning to it. It’s basically a synonym of shadow boxing, fighting your own imaginary enemies, which is sort of what all music is about. You write down and deal with the problems in your head through music. So yeah, we’re happy we decided on Sciamachy.

6. Can you share with me more about the Phoenix song and its music video? This thing is of much higher quality than expected from a fresh band.
Thank you so much! I (Emil) used to work as a producer/production manager on commercials and music videos so when we decided we wanted to do a music video I called my bud Viktor Kumlin and asked (forced) him to film us. We had worked on several projects before with quite big Swedish artists, and I knew that he could help me in getting the video up to a really high quality. I think it comes down to, as we talked about earlier, that we really want everything we release to be as professional as possible. It might cost a little more but in the end it’s worth it.

7. Which are Sciamachy’s top three band influencers?
Time for the real hard questions, eh? We all like Architects and Northlane and the sort of mix between really heavy and very ambient parts in a song is something we are trying to get in our songs as well. As far as number three goes… we all have different influences that shine through so I think the third is ever changing.

8. Do you remember the first ever metal song (or band) you heard? Which was it and what was your reaction to it?
Emil: Hm.., I don’t really know… It’s probably a Metallica song, but the first metal song I actually liked was Clawfinger – Biggest The Best, probably ’cause I liked the video.
Jonas: Probably something by Dio or Iron Maiden. I loved it and it drew me deeper into the genre.
Alex: I can only remember that when I was about 7-8 or something, I often watched MTV and for some reason one evening I was up quite late and “Headbangers Ball” was on. There was this spooked out metal band and the music was just horrifying, which ended up me having nightmares.
Johan: Not really, but it was probably something by Metallica.
Savage: Take This Life by In Flames. This is the song that got me interested in metal. Without it I probably wouldn’t be playing in a band today.

9. You said that in the past you all played in different bands. How would you say are all the experiences you got from past bands affecting Sciamachy?
We all have learnt a lot from playing in different types of bands, and we got a lot of stage experience as well. But I think what we got the most was the will to create something really different that we could be proud of for years. It felt really good when we started playing together and we noticed that all were on the same level. It helps, a lot, with the creativity.

10. What food spot would you highly recommend me to visit if I ever come to Stockholm?
Stockholm is getting more and more good burger places, and one of the best is “Bun Meat Bun” in Farsta. But you should just let us know you’re coming, and we will cook you something special from scratch!

11. Your all time favorite snack and drink.
Emil: Coca-Cola and popcorn. No wonder I go to the movies way to often…
Jonas: Beer and coffee. No need for snacks.
Alex: Jerkey… and milk.
Johan: Cold lasagna and fruit lexia.
Savage: A British snack called Quavers, and YoggiYalla.

12. What non-metal music do you enjoy listening to! No secret please! I currently enjoy Prodigy a freaking lot (and only because of the song Nasty).
Emil: I love Greg Laswell. I got a huge man crush on him.
Jonas: I’m into soul right now… and some hip hop as well.
Alex: I’m kinda of an all eater when it comes to music, but I guess Tycho, Twentyonepilots, Pvris and Two Door Cinema Club are some that I’m listening to right now.
Johan: Lately I’ve been listening a lot of Porter Robinson album Worlds. Such a good album with a really cool theme to it. I love when albums have a good concept that matches well with music.
Savage: Sia and Chvrches or anything British.

13. In general, would you change (or add) anything to the metal scene?
Emil: I think I would like more labels to give more chances to bands that make really good music, not only get likes on Facebook.
Jonas: People’s attitude!!! Kindness takes you far and force more bands to play shows in Sweden…
Alex: Less dicks, literally and as a figure of speech.
Johan: I’m not really that involved in the metal scene but I feel like the Swedish metal scene could use less judgemental people.
Savage: More venues in Sweden/Europe that are willing to pay bands to come and play. Not only give them food or one beer.

14. Finish this sentence: When I hear my favorite song and someone turn down the volume…
Emil: I probably look at them with my puppy eyes until they turn it back up.
Jonas: I start singing it louder instead.
Alex: I don’t know… it has never happened cause my taste is just that good.
Johan: I tell Savage to turn it back up.
Savage: I kick them out of my taxi.

15. Besides releasing the second music video and I assume playing gigs, what else can we expect from Sciamachy in 2015? Anything big in the works?
We’re going to try and get a tour together through Europe, and hopefully we will also get to play some festivals in Sweden. We’re also going to release some new music, at least a single but maybe even some more. It all depends on how much gigs we get and how much time we have left I guess.

16. And we are done. Feel free to add anything you want to this interview.
Thank you so much for liking our stuff, and as promised, let us know if you come to Stockholm and we will show you everything there is to see!


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In case you were wondering how to pronounce their name, now you know.


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