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Primordial’s “Babel’s Tower” Video Must Not To Be Missed


If I remember correct, I became a fan of Primordial about two or so years ago. I know, I suck, but I really do not know how I haven’t heard for them earlier. Well, even if late, I am glad I did, because I became a huge fan of their music. It is beautiful, powerful, dark and has just the right amount of heaviness. What a pack!
After they announced the release of their upcoming album Where Greater Men Have Fallen, I literally jump in the air due excitement.
Then another wave of excitement came when they posted screenshots of the new music video they were working on. The waiting is now no more, because here we have the new music video from Primordial for the song “Babel’s Tower.” Eight minutes of pure gorgeousness, directed by Gareth Averill and produced by Michael Donnelly V. It is the simplicity of the whole video, the beautiful landscape, the voice of Alan Averill and of course the music itself, that together form one incredible piece of art.
Take eight minutes of you life enjoy the video and the song.

I was to post the video up yesterday, but I waited until today. Why, you ask? Mainly because today is the release of Primordial’s Where Greather Men Have Fallen album through Metal Blade.


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