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“Play Ball” Official Music Video By AC/DC


It was yesterday when AC/DC premiered their new music video for the song “Play Ball” from their forthcoming album titled Rock Or Bust. Before I watched the video I read many headlines saying the video is not very good and that’s what made me even more excited about it. After watching this 2 minutes and 49 seconds long video I can say that the video is kinda funny, but the song is in a true AC/DC style.
Since the name of the song is “Play Ball” you know you can expect balls of (all) sizes in the video. Video features old and new sporting clips, lot of sexy women, men and animals. You heard it right, animals. For example, elephant playing basketball.
Even if there are a lot of women in here who are showing a lot of skin, nothing can beat Angus Young in a famous schoolboy uniform going wild.
The video has this nostalgic feel to it, with (in my opinion) a little too much “new-aged” clips. In my opinion the video itself is far from being not good, but we can say it’s in some way hilarious (in a good way of course).
Video does not feature drummer Phil Rudd.
The new single “Play Ball” can be download on iTunes now and the new album will be released next month, December 2.


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