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Path To Previal Interview – Metalcore Band From Derby, England


Over the past months I managed to interview quite a few bands already and I really need to say big thanks to all of you for taking your time. This time around I am excited to announce a new one I did with guys over at the Path To Prevail. They are a metalcore band from Derby, England and consist of Joesph on vocals, Craig and Luke on guitar, Winnie on bass and Thomas on drums. Earlier this year they released “A Future Told” EP which you can listen in full for free on their Bandcamp page. Path To Prevail is just about one year old, but it seems they are together for a way longer time. Like they say, keep your ears and eyes peeled!
Now lets dive into the interview and get to know these guys a little better.

1. Can you please introduce yourself. Who are Path To Prevail’s band members, where do you come from and when was band formed?
Hi guys, we are Path To Prevail. Band members: Joesph Gunn on vocals, Craig Camm on guitar, Luke Harwood on guitar, James “Winnie” Winship on bass and Thomas Alfrey on drums.
We are metalcore band from Derby, Derbyshire in England, we formed early 2014.

2. Tell me, what made you decide to form a band in first place and why you play what you play?
3 of us were already “musicians” after playing in previous bands through our late teens and 20’s. Craig had never played in a band before mainly through nerves… But a girlfriend at the time pushed him into finding members to form a band. Joesph is a late comer into the band as we had a previous vocalist… But Joe and Thomas have both grown up together and been performing in the same bands/or along side each other for the past decade. I guess we play the instruments we do because it’s what we know best, though Thomas is a pretty damn good guitarist too which helps when writing new material.

3. What’s up with the name Path To Prevail? What’s it’s origin?
Haha, comical question! We were just pulling names out of a hat basically, piecing words together to find a catchy name… After days of brainstorming and 5 headaches we managed to come up with Path To Prevail.
path to prevail
4. You said we can expect new music from you guys very soon. Do you mind sharing with us when will this happen and where can we hear it?
Well, currently we are writing for a full debut album which at the moment is “full steam ahead.” We’ve got a number of tracks complete and this is the first material we have with Joes as our vocalist, so I would like to think we will release a single not too far down the line to show what this guy’s about. No dates as of yet but when we release something you can find it at or at our YouTube channel.

“We rehearse every single Sunday morning.”– Path To Prevail

5. How does your rehearsal look like?
We rehearse every single Sunday morning without fail, unless we play a gig the same day or played a gig the night before. Then any other time would be for personal business but we hit our practice hard, well you’ve go to I guess.

6. Besides playing music, what else you enjoy doing in your life?
Joesph: Hanging out with my wife and friends, geeking and gaming. Big into painting warhammer models also.
Craig: Being in the company of close friends is a must and takes up a lot of time, video gaming, gym/exercise/football and sociable amount of alcohol [thumbs up].
Luke: Fast cars and guitar gear! Family oriented and a huge lover of cats.
Winnie: Family and friends and geeking over star wars.
Thomas: Spending time with “soon to be” wife and friends, holidays away and watching football matches.
path to prevail
7. Coffee or tea?
Joesph: Tea but coffees on a long day.
Craig: Is Jack Daniels a suitable answer? Tea.
Luke: Neither… DR. Pepper kinda guy.
Winnie: Coffee.
Thomas: Beer!

8. How strong is metal scene in Derby?
To be honest, Derby is home to quite a few venues that are always great to play at, number 1 being “The Hairy Dog” then close second is “The Victoria Inn.”
There’s metal gigs on most weeks at both places and there’s some really awesome bands from our area also which is always a pleasure to play with and there always seems to be an awesome amount of fans/supporters at most shows which we totally appreciate! Thanks guys!

9. Earlier this year you released “A Future Told” EP. How long did it take you to record it and how excited were/are you about the release?
We originally had plans to release just a 3 track EP with songs “On Oath,” “Another Day,” and “Through It Again” on… But we soon started writing more tracks every month so we thought why not give our friends and fans what they wanted… I think it took about 5 months to write all 6 tracks, record them and have mastered… We just never go round to releasing it as during the summer of last year and into autumn we were gigging an incredible amount! I think as a whole, we just wanted to get the EP out for that exposure as well as to please the fans and followers we have!
path to prevail
10. If you’d get the opportunity to pick three UK metal bands to go on a tour with, which would you pick?
Joesph: Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Bury Tomorrow.
Craig: Sylosis, Bullet For My Valentine and Malefice.
Luke: Orange Goblin, Sylosis and Sworn To Oath.
Winnie: Exit Ten, Funeral For A Friend and Bleed From Within.
Thomas: Same as Joes’ choices.

11. What is the future holding for Pat To Prevail? Do you have anything big in the works? Maybe a new music video? Album?
Yeah, as mentioned we are pushing on writing our debut album which we all can’t wait to be completed as we have Joe now as our frontman, which is making a massive difference. Not only for studio work but our live shows have just gone up that extra level! I don’t know really, not spoke all that much about videos but we all want to gig the hell out of this year! We originally had a UK tour set up with the guys from Inside The Artists Head from Sweden but things took a turn for the worst, mainly to do with work/job commitments but we’re hoping to set up our own tour for the summer.

12. Finish this sentence: I’d rather grow a 1 meter long beard than…
Joesph: Growing 1 meter finger nails.
Craig: Sleeping with Luke’s mum.
Luke: Having fingers for legs.
Winnie: Rather a 1 meter beard than a mullet.
Thomas: Growing a 2 meter beard ;)
13. Would you like to add anything to this interview?
A big thank you to The Blek Goat for giving us the time to talk about ourselves and band, which we all incredibly love being a part of! Check Us out on Facebook and YouTube. There’s plenty more to come from inside Camp Path To Prevails… Keep those eyes and ears peeled!


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