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Paco Chains – Female Fronted Progressive Rock/Metal Band

Paco Chains is a five piece female fronted progressive rock/metal band from the Netherlands. Band was founded back in 2012 after they met each other at a Dutch university. Everyone enjoyed a different style of metal and eventually decided to form a band and see what happens. I really like the whole idea behind Paco Chains and the fictional character they formed and his story. More about band members, band and the character Paco in the interview below.

1. Introduce yourself first. Who are you, where do you come from and who are band members?
We’re Paco Chains, a female fronted progressive rock/metal band from the Netherlands. Our band consists of five people: Lennart (drums), Jurriaan (bass), Nikolai (guitar), Jogchum (guitar) and Eva-Gina (vocals).

2. How long do you know each other and how did you come up with the idea to form a band?
We met in 2012 at a Dutch university. And we simply found out that we all like different genres of metal, so we though, “Why not write some songs together? – Let’s see what happens!” So… That’s how that happened!

3. Paco Chains is part Netherlands and part German band. How does this work out?
It really sounds more complicated than it actually is! Some of us are still studying, others have already finished their studies but we’re all situated in the Netherlands at the moment. And although everybody lives in different cities right now it still works out pretty good. Of course this is only possible because of the Internet, online data sharing services and regular meetings and rehearsals – but we all committed to this project, and I guess that’s why it works out pretty great!
paco chains
4. Tell me more about Paco Chains. What’s the origin of this “persona?”
Paco is a fictional character we created. He comes to life through our music, but on the other hand our music only comes to life because of him. He’s a complicated, troubled soul, but always has a reason to have at least some hope for a brighter future, although in the present, things can get pretty dim. During the writing sessions of our very first song, we did a little improvisation exercise by closing our eyes and telling each other what we saw happening in out mind’s eyes. This was a very interesting approach and quite new to us, but we were in an experimental phase of forming the concept of the band, so it felt a right thing to do. In no time we had written down a full “film” scenario and the next day the first draft of our first lyrics was there. Paco was born! After that we did a lot of brainstorms about every little thing concerning Paco’s life and past etc. Maybe one of the most intriguing character flaw of Paco is that he’s constantly at war inside his mind and he kinda created a few fictional personas to communicate with to put his mind at ease… Anything more would be a give away. Find out yourself; keep a close eye on developments of our band!;)

5. Your officials music genre is biographical progressive rock/metal band. How would you describe your style in 1-3 sentences?
Our music can be described as a well-balanced mix of metal guitar-riffs and powerful, harsh vocals, as well as spherical guitar sounds and melodious vocals. Paco’s life is a constant strive against all kinds of difficulties and you can definitely hear this in the musical arrangement. That’s why we call our music “biographical.”

6. Who in the band is writing lyrics and what topics/themes do you try to cover?
It’s mostly Jogchum and Eva-Gina who write the lyrics, and of course every song deals with Paco’s story, his opinions and emotions. The main topics we write about are confusion, hope, loneliness, death, delusion and love.
paco chains
7. How is music affecting you?
Eva-Gina: I dedicate my whole life to music – it’s my way of expressing myself. But to me mostly it’s what brings people together on so many different levels, no matter whether you have the same taste in music or not.
Jurriaan: Without music I would be frustrated by the silence and the monotone words that would be spoken otherwise.
Jogchum: Music is my life; listening to it gives me enthusiasm and will, making it fulfil my days, performing it is having a blast. Short: can’t live without it!

8. Current top 3 bands you can’t get enough off?
Eva-Gina: Can I answer Karnivool three times?! I mean it! I just can’t get enough of their music – they’re incredible. I’ve been to their concerts quite a few times now and man, these guys are just brilliant on their instruments. They even sound better (live) than on their records. Honestly, check them out!
Lenart: Graveyard, Royal Blood and the Flying Eyes.
Jurriaan: Periphery, Opeth and Paco Chains.
Jogchum: Dream Theater, Neal Morse and Pink Floyd.
Niko: Metallica, In Flames and Joe Bonamassa.

“They’re like audio books with visuals.”– Paco Chains

9. You recently released first song from your upcoming “They Followed Me Home” EP titled “Run.” The song is amazing and really catchy. What’s the story behind it? For those who haven’t heard it yet, why is Paco on the run?
Thanks a lot, man! \m/ That’s actually a story we’d like to share with you as lively as possible. That’s why every song on our EP comes with a prologue. They’re like audio books with visuals. And this is one for the story behind “Run:”

10. Which bands are Paco Chains’ influencers?
Maybe you wouldn’t expect that but this was a difficult one to answer… We all really come from different styles in metal, and that’s why we think you can hear many different influences in our music. For example Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Steve Vai and Karnivool to name a few.

11. Congrats on winning the semi-finals of the “Pop Secret” talent show and performing at Wilminktheater in Enschede and Tobit Campus in Ahaus. Express your feeling, how excited were you?
These were indeed some of the biggest shows we did so far. I remember that in face everyone was a little nervous right before going on stage. But I guess that’s something you have and want to feel. As soon as we enter the stage it’s only Paco’s story and the music that matters.

12. Since you are a mix of Netherlands and Germany people, try combining your favorite local foods and create a 5 course lunch. How would it look like?
Begin with bratwurst (with sauce!), then some tomato soup, followed by “hit lightning” (“hate bliksem;” a Dutch plate), then to cool down a big, big hamburger with a baked egg on it (important!), finally: vla with peanut butter flavor and a triple espresso, baby!
paco chains
13. Finish this sentence: If I were a piece of chocolate in Paco’s pocket…
Eva-Gina: … he’d think about me all day but wouldn’t eat me.
Lennart: … I’d be lightly confused. I would hope to spend Paco a little moment of enjoyment while eating me. Then I hope to get reborn as some more reasonable thing!
Jurriaan: … I’d be sticky, lonely and rotten, and probably forgotten.
Jogchum: … I’d die melting. Or: Jump out and make a chocolate tribute song full of hope and other positive things ;p
Niko: … I’d already be eaten because Paco loves chocolate (so do I).

14. What three things would you take with you on a desert island?
Eva-Gina: Pen & paper, one of the books I always wanted to read but never took the time to do so and of course chocolate (cause it’s a life saver in all kind of situations).
Lennart: a knife, a lighter and a girl.
Jurriaan: Life supply, my instruments and a boat.
Jogchum: Lots of water, a refrigerator and a package of stroopwafels \m/
Niko: A bed, a cat, and my girlfriend.

15. What are Paco Chains’ future plans? When can we expect the release of your upcoming EP?
We’re actually in the middle of the EP release. Yesterday we released our 3rd single, and there are two more to follow over the next few weeks.


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