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One Is Greater Than Zero Concept For Metal Bands & Artists


It was February 3, 2015 when I first saw Gary Vaynerchuk’s video “One Is Greater Than Zero.” I am following Gary for a very long time now and even if he has nothing to do with metal scene, all his books and videos can be easily connected with any kind of business, even metal based.
I watched the video for one more time yesterday and it got me thinking, damn, all metal bands, musicians, artists and just everyone should follow the “one is greater than zero rule.” No matter how big of a band you are and no matter if you have thousands of trustworthy fans, taking time for even the smallest exposure matters.
Like Gary said, there are so many people out there who think they are bigger than they actually are. Not only people, this also goes for metal bands, brands, bloggers, etc.
Do not think that you are something more if you already started gaining some following. It doesn’t really matter how big or small you are, if someone offers you an interview, a photo shoot or just any kind of exposure, go for it. Don’t just think that these unknown people and websites will do you nothing, only eat your precious time. They can do a lot for you, because you never know who will be reading or viewing the content. Maybe someone important stumbles across this article that a completely unknown blogger did with you and he then takes you to the next level.

Metal bands, artists & musicians, don’t think you are bigger than you actually are.

And if you think you are too busy and don’t have time for the interview, organize yourself and find time. Stop watching YouTube videos, movies, video series or just whatever you do to kill your time and go to work. Unless you are a group of friends who are playing for themselves and don’t care for any extra exposure, then you can easily skip this concept.
But, if you did set yourself long term goals and you wan’t to achieve them, then watch “One Is Greater Than Zero” video. I find it very useful for all you metal bands out there and musicians and artists. Even if only a few people will see the video interview you did for “XYZ” website, it’s about the depth and not the width.
metal bands
And all this goes to all you big metal bands out there too, because you are never too big. It’s always amazing seeing smaller pages doing interviews with bigger bands and what this means is a huge plus for you as a band (and the page of course).
I appreciate any kind of exposure someone offers me, no matter how big or small it is. And so should you.
To end this article I will quote Gary: “It’s about having the humility. It’ about not saying no. Even when you’ve made it. You’re never too big. One is bigger than zero.”


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