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Misteyes – Gothic/Death Metal Band From Turin, Italy


I remember how much I hated opera singers when I was ten or so years old, but I don’t really remember why. Then, when I discovered metal and bands like Therion, Tristania and Sirenia I instantly became a huge fan of opera voices in heavy metal. It is kinda silly to think about my hate for opera back when I was a kid and comparing it with today’s passion for it.

A few days ago I discovered this Turin, Italy based band Misteyes and they really reminded me of old Tristania and Sirenia. I knew I need to get in touch with them and today, one day before we jump into 2015 I am posting an interview I did with them. I could say this is a pre-2015-gift.
Anyway, Misteyes consist of seven members of which one is a clean and opera female vocalist. If you guys like heavy music mixed with beautiful female voices, then go give this band a listen.

Now lets dive into the interview and find out a little more about the band.

1. Please introduce yourself first. Who are you, where do you from and who are band members?
Hi! We are Misteyes and we are from Turin, in Italy! We are Edoardo Iacono (growl and scream), Denise Manzi (clean and opera vocals), Daniele Poveromo (lead guitars), Riccardo Tremaioni (rhythm guitars), Gabriele Gilodi (keyboards) Andrea Gammeri (bass) and Federico Tremaioni (drums).

2. When was Misteyes formed and who is/are founders of the bands? What motivated you to form the band?
The band was formed in the end of 2011 by Daniele, Riccardo and Federico! Daniele and Riccardo met at a Korn live show here in our city and they found to have a strong common passion for the same kind of music and they wanted to express it with musical project.

3. Can you explain why you picked Misteyes as the name of the band? What’s it’s origin?
The name “Misteyes” was an idea of our guitarist Riccardo that came to his mind while he was looking to a misty landscape! Everyone in the band immediately liked it, ’cause it perfectly evokes the style of our songs! It represents the human condition: we are always surrounded by a mist that hides us the truth and that can’t let us go beyond the physical reality of things.
4. Since some of the band members left the band already, but were soon replaces, are you now set and ready for new challenges? Was it hard choosing new members?
We changed line-up two times from the beginning! The first time was in February, 2014 when Denise and Gabriele joined the band. We hadn’t have a clean vocalist and keyboard player in the band before, but after we recorded our first single “Brains In A Vat” and we started working on new songs, we immediately understood that something was missing! Denise and Gabriele were close friends of our guitarist Riccardo and when he asked them to join the band, they were excited for the proposal! They made an amazing job rearranging the songs with keyboards, orchestrations and the female vocals and we immediately thought they were the perfect new members for Misteyes.
The second time we changed line-up was in May, 2014, when we parted ways with our bass player Matteo. Also this time it was easy to find new member! Andrea was a friend of our singer Edoardo and he had already played with him in other projects, so he was our first choice! He wrote again all new bass lines for the songs and we were very happy of the result! Also the choice to use a fretless bass took the sound of the the band to a new level!

5. If you could picky any show you could play at, which would you pick? Why?
It might sound obvious, but it’s one of our dreams to play at some big festivals like Wacken, Metal Days, Gods of Metal, etc…

6. How strong is metal scene in your local area?
In our local area there are many undergrond metal bands (maybe too many!), so, as usual, in this big crowd, there are lots of bands that are really good and others that are not! We think that here in Italy the main problems are that too many times people go to see a live show only ’cause they are friends of the bands members and not because they really like the music that the bands plays, so the best bands are not valorized and also the fact that there are too many cover bands that take away the visibility of the bands that make their own music!

7. Tell me, what bands influence Misteyes the most?
In Misteyes we have many influences, taken by the influences of every single member of the band!
We can say we try to combine the gothic and symphonic music of Epica, After Forever and Nightwish with some more extreme stuff with influences from Cradle Of Fitlh, Septicflesh, Dimmu Borgir, Death and Dark Tranquillity and a touch of the more melancholic and doom music of Draconian and Candlemass.

8. What bad got you into metal music? Do you remember what’s the first metal song you ever heard?
Edoardo: Yes, it was when I was really young and my father made me listen to “Emerald Sword” by Rhapsody Of Fire and it was love at first listen!
Denise: Mmm… I think it was “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence.
Daniele: The first metal song I listened to was “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, but the band that got me into metal was absolutely Iron Maiden!
Riccardo: Yeah, it was when one of my schoolmates made me listen to “Transylvania” by Iron Maiden!
Gabriele: The band that brought me to me metal was Evanescence… I think the first song I listened to was “Bring Me To Life” as Denise, haha.
Andrea: I listened to some bands before… But I started to be really interested in metal music only after I listened to “Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse.
Federico: It was when my brother made me listen to “Call To Arm” by Manowar! I immediately loved it!

9. Italy has quite a few really amazing bads. Which are your top 3 Italian metal bands?
Edoardo: Difficult choice… I’ll pick Rhapsody Of Fire, Sadist and Fleshgod Apocalypse.
Denise: Yes, there are too many!!! But I really like Folkstone, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Rhapsody Of Fire.
Daniele: Let me think… I like Sadist and Stormlord and outside metal I really love Goblin!
Riccardo: OK! Surely Stormlord, November… and Graveworm, even if not all their members are Italian!
Gabriele: Very difficult to choose only three… I think Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rhapsody Of Fire and Stormlord!
Andrea: Sure! I like Folkstone, Rhapsody Of Fire and Fleshgod Apocalypse!
Federico: OK! I like Sadist… and I love Embryo and Fleshgod Apocalypse, I saw them some time ago here in Turin and they rocked!
10. If you could start the band all over again, would you change anything?
No, we don’t think so! We had both good and bad times in our experiences in the band! But every experience was a lesson for us and let us grow as band and musicians.

11. Do you have any tips for fellow bands how to promote themselves?
Be always yourself and don’t try to imitate others! This is the best thing you can offer!

12. If you wouldn’t be in a band, what would you be doing?
Edoardo: Eheh! As we don’t live only with our music, it’s not difficult to tell! Besides music, I’m studying engineering and I hope to become an engineer soon!
Denise: I’d like to be a vet! I really love animals!
Daniele: As Edoardo said, we have to do other things as we can’t live only with the music… Now I’m still studying!
Riccardo: I worked as an electrician for some time!
Gabriele: I’m studying too… But I’d really like to be a martial arts teacher, as you asked me!
Andrea: I’d really like to be a lutist and I’m searching for a school to learn it.
Federico: I’m studying to become a cook and I really like it! Besides being a drummer and being in a band I’d like to become a chef, haha.
13. What food would you say represents your local area the most?
Gianduja for sure! For those who don’t know, it’s a very good and typical kind of chocolate!

14. This one is for Denise: How well do you get along with the guys?
Very well! I don’t have any problems to be in a band where I’m the only girl! And after all… There must be an angel among all these devils, haha.

15. Would you rather spend a day on a mystical island with a huge tarantula or in a 10 million mansion surrounded by angry dinosaurs?
Edoardo: Mmm, I don’t know! I really love islands… but not tarantulas, haha.
Denise: If I had to choose… I say the island!
Daniele: The island with the huge tarantula for sure, haha.
Riccardo: I think I will pick the island too!
Gabriele: No, I think the mansion with the dinosaurs is better!!!
Andrea: Oh, surely the island!
Federico: Obviously the mansion! The dinosaurs are extinct and they cannot hurt me anymore, haha.
16. Which are your top 3 albums?
Edoardo: Very difficult question… I think they are “Damage Done” by Dark Tranquillity, “Design Your Universe” by Epica and “The Sound Of Perseverance” by Death.
Denise: OK, I’d say surely “Reckoning Night” by Sonata Arctica, then “Swampsong” and “Once,” the first by Kalmah and the second by Nightwish. Yes, I like Finnish bands, haha.
Daniele: Very hard to choose only three! If I have to say… “Korn” and “Ghost Reverise” by Opeth and “Doomsday Machine” by Arch Enemy!
Riccardo: Definitely the seventh album by Iron Maiden, “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son,” then also “Ancient Dreams” by Candlemass and “The Pale Haunt Departure” by Novembers Doom.
Gabriele: Mmm… Let me think… “Wishmaster” by Nightwish, “Silence” by Sonata Arctica and “Designs Your Universe” by Epica!
Andrea: Yeah, they are “Incurso” by Spawn Of Possesion, “Lugal Ki En” by Rising Saturn and “The Aura” by Beyond Creation.
Federico: I really like the second album of Thy Art Is Murder called “Hate,” then also “We Die Alive” by Born Of Osiris and “Dingir” by Ring Of Saturn!

Misteyes’ upcoming “Creeping Time” album is set to be released in the second part of 2015.

17. Can you tell me more about your upcoming album “Creeping Time.” When can we expect its release?
Yeah! By now what we can say is that the debut album will contain twelve songs! It will be a very various album: you’ll find a ballad as some death metal songs, melody and also groove! Hope you’ll like it! About guests in the album, we have a special surprise that we’ll announce soon!
Then about the release: we’ll record the album in the first half of 2015, so hopefully you can expect the release date in the second half of the same year!

18. Have you set any personal goals you want to achieve in 2015?
Edoardo: First of all obviously the release of our debut album… and maybe to find a good label! Then I aim to finally graduate this year, haha.
Denise: With the band apart fromt he album release, one of the goals would be to finally make a tour outside of Italy! In my personal life, my purposes are to find a certain job and to take a trip!
Daniele: To make a tour outside of Italy is surely one of my aims too!!! Then… I really hope I’ll be able to stop drinking coffee next year, haha.
Riccardo: As a musician I really aim to improve my skills, especially in the music theory! Then I really want to release our first album and promote it the best that we can! But the most important thing is that… I want to learn to make also short songs, haha.
Gabriele: Surely my first goal is to release my two albums, the one with Misteyes and also the first album of my other band Energy Of The Elements! Then I want to go on with my studies!
Andrea: Yes, the recordings of the album will be a great challenge in 2015! But I’d also like to find a decent and certain job!
Federico: In 2015 I want to still improve my skill with the drums and to do the best that I can to record this album and for the next live shows!!!


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