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Metallica Performed “Hit The Lights” On The Late Late Show


This whole week, from Monday to Friday, Metallica will be guests at The Late Late Show with Scottish American host Craig Ferguson. What a better way to kick off the Tallica week than with the “Hit The Lights” song. Since this is their very first song they recorded (from album Kill ‘Em All) I think it fitted perfectly.
Metallica performed the song after an interview about re-releasing the “Some Kind Of Monster” documentary, Lars Ulrich’s embarrassing moments and more.
In case you missed the show, you can watch it on CBS now. I hope you live in a place where the video is available, because it does not work here!

A few infos about the “Hit The Lights” song. It first appeared on the Metal Massacre back in 1982 and is the opening song of Kill ‘Em All album that was released in 1983.

On November 24, Metallica will be releasing 10th anniversary documentary “Some Kind Of Monster.” It will be available as a two disc Blue-Ray edition, DVD sets or as a digital version.
Four days later, on Black Friday, November 28, the “Lords Of Summer” song will be released on vinyl as part of Record Store Day.
Now that is going to be another on hell of a Metallica week.

Don’t miss the show. It starts at 12:37 am after the Late Show With David Letterman. It is definitely worth going to bed late this week.


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