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Metal Jacket Magazine Interviews The Blek Goat’s Rok


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I didn’t know if this moment will ever come and look at us now, it came and I can no be more excited about it. Vjeran from Metal Jacket Magazine from Croatia recently interviewed me (Rok) about The Blek Goat for his online magazine. It is an honour to be featured on another site. Not only featured, but being interviewed and talking about my brand. It’s always exciting being interviewed, because you never know what kind of questions you will get. Metal Jacket Magazine’s Vjeran came up with ten question to find out more about TBG and myself. There is even stuff in this interview that I haven’t shared with the world before. Head over to his website and find out what we chatted and get to know myself and The Blek Goat a little better.

One more thing. It is not only about the interview why you should visit Metal Jacket Magazine. Nope, there is more. If you will read the interview you will find out that we teamed up for a little giveaway where you can win yourself some The Blek Goat goodies. The only thing you need to do to enter the giveaway is to answer a very simple questions, but more about that on Metal Jacket.


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