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Metal Baby Wyatt “Playing Drums” To Pantera On Jimmy Kimmel


I am sure by now you already watched the video of an eight and a half months old metal baby Wyatt “playing drums” to Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone” song. And if you haven’t, you better go watch it now on YouTube.
In just a few weeks, after the video got posted on YouTube, now nine moths old Wyatt got famous. How famous this metal baby got? He got Jimmy Kimmel famous. Yes, that’s right. Jimmy liked the video so much he flew Wyatt (and his parents) to the show to make his live debut. Now that was a mega fast success and not to mention he is now more famous than most of the bands out there.
I don’t know it for you, but watching cute little metal baby “playing drums” to a Pantera song is priceless.
I know, I know, a lot of you will say, “but hey, he is not even playing drums.” Of course he isn’t, well not literally, his dad is helping him out, but this doesn’t ruin the fact, that Wyatt is one hell of a baby.
Like Jimmy Kimmel said, “throw your devil horns in the air,” hit up the play button and enjoy Wyatt “Can They Do It Live?” performance.


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