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Marilyn Manson – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge


Monday mornings are usual boring, or are they? People constantly whine about how terrible of a day Monday is, but I never found Monday being boring, terrible, sad or anything in between. Especially not this Monday. I woke up early and the very first thing I saw/heard when turning on my computer was Marilyn Manson’s new song “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge.” Ever since I press the play button for the first time the song is on repeat. This new tune is so freaking catchy and I am really surprised I like it so much, because I am not that big of a Marilyn Manson fan.
This is the first song that was revealed from Manson’s upcoming album whose release date is set to early 2015.
Listen the “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge” song above, or go download it and set it on repeat by visiting


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