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A List Of 2014 Hardcore And Metal Albums


December 25 is here and so is the long awaited Christmas and presents and foods and this super long list of hardcore and metal albums released in 2014. The list was actually posted about a week ago, but I just found it now and it was made by good people over at the Lambgoat. Better late than never, right?
If you are still in the process of making your personal list of top metal albums from 2014 then this list will definitely help you out. Or in case you are not following the metal scene regularly and you want to check what was released over the past year. Or you just want to freshen up your memory, there are plenty of reasons why you should go and check out this mega list. I didn’t have a plan to make my personal Top 10 Best Metal Albums From 2014 list, but with this list I might get into it. I might go even so far and make a post about it over here. You never know, so stay in touch and see what happens in the coming days.
All I can say is that Behemoth’s “The Satanist” (as you can guess from the video above) is definitely one of my top 10 2014 metal album releases.

PS:I wanted to count all the albums, but I lost track at 154. If you have balls to count all those hardcore and metal albums, go for it and share the result with me in the comments below.


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