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Lindemann’s “Praise Abort” Video Will Smack You In The Head


When I heard Till of Rammstein is working on a new project with Peter Tägtgren, simply called Lindemann, I got super excited. Yes, I like Rammstein a lot and yes, I was hoping this new project of his will be something in the Rammstein tone.

And then it finally happened. On Thursday, May 28th, 2015, the music video for the song “Praise Abort” got released. People went crazy with all the shares, so it got me even more excited about it. I haven’t read anything in advance, because I did not want to ruin my expectations and just went for it. Link I clicked on Facebook redirected me to YouTube and there it was, Lindemann’s new music video.

“I Like to fuck,” is how it started and I knew this is going to be, well… I didn’t actually know what it’s going to be. I just sat on my chair with my eyes widely open. Till Lindemann sure did not hold himself back, not with video, not with the song. After I was done watching I immediately clicked the replay button. I don’t actually care what you think about it, what world thinks about it, what other sites think about it, but I think it’s freaking epic. Normally I don’t like using curse words when I am writing, but damn, this shit is fucked up! And I bloody like it the way it is.

The one thing that would make Lindemann’s “Praise Abort” video even better would be releasing it on April Fool’s Day. Everyone would think it’s a joke and they would all be left in false believe.

For more about his new project got to “Skills In Pills” album’s official page.

How crazy can Lindemann go?


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