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Did You Know All These Facts About Slipknot?


There are two reasons why I am posting Loudwire’s “You Think You Know Metal?” episode about Slipknot. The first reasons is: I was a super huge fan of theirs about twelve or so years ago. It was Slipknot all the time. They obsessed me. The second reason is this: Over the years my obsession for this masks-wearing-band faded away and I literally don’t know a thing about them anymore. Well, I still know a fact or two, but that’s far from knowing all the stuff that Loudwire gathered in the video above.
I head no freaking idea that singer, Corey Taylor, wore a different costume before the matching boiler suits. Since all the members were experimenting with different costumes back then I am wondering what others wore.

How good is your knowledge about Slipknot?

Another interesting fact. Even if being 6 foot 4 inches huge, Mick Thomson is not as scary as he looks. In fact, he has quite a (cute) softer side.
Did you know who and why was responsible for the anguished screams that opened the Iowa album?
Or maybe this one. In what comedy movie from 2000s Chris Fehn’s mask was featured?

Since we are already talking about Slipknot, did you watch both of their sets from the 2014 Knotfest? If you missed them, you can watch them now. Of course, this goes for all of you (and me) who did not get a chance to go to the festival in first place.
Also, if you haven’t got a chance to listen to their latest “5: The Gray Chapter” album, they are still streaming it on


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