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King Of Asgard Is This Week’s Band On Repeat


Almost each week I discover a new band that kinda obsesses me and I can not get enough of it. This week, or maybe even better, these past two weeks I am going mad for King Of Asgard. I know this is not a band that will “come and go” in a month or so. You know when you hear a song or two from a band that you really like and you play them on repeat, but in a matter of days, the hype fades away. Well, this is not that time.
I always enjoyed Viking style metal music a freaking lot and finding King Of Asgard was just a perfect addition to my list of Viking metal bands I really dig.

A brief King Of Asgard history

The band was formed by Karl Beckman back in 2008 and only a year later they recorded the first demo “Prince Of Märings.” In November of the same year band consisted of Karl Beckman, Karsten Larsson and Jonas Albrektsson. Year 2009 was kinda huge for King Of Asgard. Not only because the trio now took it serious and the release of the demo, but also because they signed contract with Metal Blade Records. You see, I told you the band is solid. Over the next months they kept themselves busy with recording at the Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden and released their debut album “Fi’mbulvintr” in August, 2010. In the mean time they had enough time to film a music video for the opening song “Einhärjar” which you can watch above.
King Of Asgard was now a trio, but they were in need of second guitarist. In the time of the debut album release they hired Lars Tängmark and boom, they were set for live performances and to blow fans’ heads away.
Over the next years they played several shows and festivals and in 2012 they returned back to the Sonic Train Studios to record second album, “…to North.”

You can learn more about King Of Asgard by visiting their official website. To keep yourself up to date with their work like their Facebook page.
But before you leave, hit play above for three times and enjoy watching “The Runes Of Hel,” “Einhärjar” and “The Nine Worlds Burn.”


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