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Jared Dines’ (Dissimulator) Question And Answer Video


If you’ve seen my previous “21 Metal Genres In Just Under 5 Minutes With Funny Lyrics” and “Things Band Members And Audio Engineers Say In Studio” posts you probably already are a fan of Jared Dines. If not, then you will became one after checking out both of those and the above Q & A video. This guy is putting out plenty of amazing parodies on several things metal and you simply can not start loving his work. It’s hilarious, funny and simply amazing. No wonder why I become a fan of Jared Dine’s work. I know about him for about a month now and am constantly checking out his YouTube channel for new stuff. I just know that every single time he will put out something new it will be worth taking a watch. He never disappoints so you know in advance that you’ll enjoy the video.
Last week Jared filmed a Question and Answer video where he answered on 29 questions. From personal to industry/business questions, Jared Dines is open for all of them and answers a variety of them in the video above. From “Is there a point to school?” and “Can you play the harmonica?” to questions like “What camera do you use?” and “How much do you practice?”
Go hit the play button above and get to know Jared Dines of Dissimulator a little better.


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