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Interview With Sapmi, Norway’s Badass Rockband Biru Baby


biru baby
It does not happen every day that you get a chance to interview three hot rocker girls from Sapmi, Norway. A place where they eat reindeers. Oh, I so wanna try one of their local foods! They sound and look extremely delicious.
I know, I know, The Blek Goat is metal-based, but hey, from time to time it is OK if we do an exception, right? Especially when it comes to an (almost) all female band like a Fucking Rock Group called Biru Baby. If you will read the interview, you will find out that even if they are a rock band, the still have metal in their blood.

1. First introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where do you come from and who are the band members?
We are the badass rockband Biru Baby from Sápmi, the north of Norway. We like to shake things up with our music and videos.
The members of Biru Baby are Hánná a.k.a. Hánnábitch, Iki a.k.a. Friki and KT (In Da House), and we perform live with a hot boy playing drums. We’ve played rock together for a very long time, since we were 13 years old (2003), but we started Biru Baby in 2014. We kinda woke up and realized that instead of being just a rock group, we should be a Fucking Rock Group. From that moment on we have been free!

2. How long have you all known each other and how did you meet?
We’ve know each other since we were 13. Iki and Hánná met one day when Iki travelled with her reindeers across Finmark plateau and came across Hánná’s lavvu. She slept over in Hánná’s lavvu that night, and they’ve been friends since! Iki and Hánná started singing and playing guitar together and found out that they needed a bass player. They met KT at school and asked her if she wanted to join them. KT was actually looking for someone to play bass with at the time, so they were the perfect match!

3. What’s up with the name Biru Baby and what’s it’s origin? Were there any other names for the band in the game?
“Biru” is a Sámi swear word that means something like “fuckings.” So you can translate it to “Fuckings Baby,” but also “The Devils Child” as some Sámi people would translate it.

4. Who is in charge of writing lyrics? What are the main themes/topics you cover?
We usually write together, but sometimes one of us has some personal words at heart that she makes a song out of. The main themes are situations and experiences from our own lives – like love, hate, opinions and stuff.

5. How strong is rock scene in Sápmi? Are there any other female rock bands?
There are a lot of other rock bands, yes. Both boys’ and girls’. Intrigue is a very cool rock bands, and also The Blacksheeps. You should totally check out Lord Tenebrarum! There’s also a lot of rappers like our friends Slincraze and Duolva Duottar.

6. Do you ever play covers? Why yes, why no?
We haven’t played covers in a long time, maybe cuz it’s hard to choose songs. Hánná be like “Let’s do a boyband cover,” and KT is like “Let’s play some good old metal,” and Iki wanna do a traditional joik all the time, so we usually just end up writing our own songs, and mix all the different things we love.

Photo: Mads Suhr Pettersen

Photo: Mads Suhr Pettersen

7. How is music affecting you and the world around you?
Hánná: One time, when I tried to learn how to snowboard, I put the song “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You,” from the movie Mulan, on my iPod – and suddenly I stood the whole mountain without falling!
KT: Starting up Biru Baby made people around me act strange. On the one hand, some guys seem to be totally scared of me, or just don’t wanna talk with me anymore, and then other people just run too me and give me their underwear.
Friki: It’s like there. And if you like it. You play it loud. And then it can hurt ears. So. It can be pretty harmful. But it’s easy really good until it hurts.

8. Who are your favorite musicians/bands?
Hánná: Babymetal, Limp Bizkit, Beyonce.
KT: Diamanda Galás, Dimmu Borgir, Major Parkinson, Adjágas.
Friki: Katty Perry, Jon Hokpins, Imogen Heap, Bring Me The Horizon.

9. What advice would Biru Baby give to fellow female rock bands?
Rock on!

10. You said you perform live with a hot boy playing drums. I am sure all of our female readers would love to know his name (maybe even his Instagram). Do you mind telling his name, or is it a big secret?
Okey, we’ll tell you his Instagram-name, but we wanna keep him for ourselves!! No stealing!
Mrcowbrain” on Instagram.

11. Are you a coffee or a tea drinkers?
Hánná: Coffee.
KT: Coffee (black).
Friki: No.

12. Biru Baby wise – Which is your favorite music videos? Why?
Hánná: Broom – cause we made it ourselves with the coolest guys with the coolest cars in town!
KT: LaLa Under Table video (will be release in 2015), cuz we all look beautiful angels.
Friki: Fuck My Heart (will be released in 2015), bcuz we got to play at the rubbish dump ALL day!! We found so many cool stuff, and we were even chased by an excavator!

Photo: Pål Martin Enstad Hansen

Photo: Pål Martin Enstad Hansen

13. I am a huge food enthusiast so please tell me, what is in your opinion the one food that represents Sápmi the mots?
Hánná: Dried reindeer meat! And I LOVE it!
KT: Gumpus! It looks like meat balls, but it’s made of reindeer blood. Really delicious.
Friki: Bidos. But I don’t eat the poor reindeers :(((((( So for me; Snow.

14. Finish this sentence: If I were a snowflake…
Hánná: … I would try and fall down in the blue lagoon in Iceland, so I could chill there forever.
KT: … I would fall down on your tongue, baby!
Iki: I would never melt for you.

15. What are currently top 3 most played songs on your iPod/mp3 player?
Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang – My baby Shot Me Down
Limp Bizkit – Rollin’
The Kinks – All Day And All Of The Night
Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel
Diamanda Galás – Tony
Adjádas – Neoncalmmit
Jon Hopkins – Collider
Katy Perry – Birthday
Stimming – Die Taube Auf Dem Tach

16. Tell us your future plans. Any big projects/shows in the works?
Oh yeah! We’re making a lot of videos which will release in 2015. And we’re also gonna play a lot of concerts.

17. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thanks?
Hánná: I would like to thanks the boyband A1 for all the inspiration they gave all these years. <3
KT: I wanna thanks all the guys doing stuff for us without getting money for it, that’s just amazing, and we couldn’t make it without u!
Friki: Alta Rock City, and ppl there who always stand by uz. <3
biru baby


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