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Interview With Minsk, Belarus Metal Band Crowblack


Over this past weekend I got a chance to chat with Evgeny Gubsky about an interview with him and his band Crowblack. Evgeny along with rhythm-guitarist Evgeny Kalinin founded the band back in 2009 and to date they released debut album “Dark Hearts United” and are currently working on their second album. Title has not been set yet, but we can expect the release on March, 2015. Not only I dig Crowblack’s music a lot (it’s so deep and simply gorgeous), but I also like the sound of their traditional food that they would make me if I visit them. Oh and the tour to the village Dudtki… sounds perfect!
Anyway, find out a little more about the band in the interview below.

1. Tell me who are you, who are band members and where do you come from?
We are from Belarus. All our members are from this country which our government calls the Center of Europe.

2. When was Crowblack formed and who’s found of the band?
Our band was formed in 2009 by vocalist Evgeny Gubsky and rhythm-guitarist Evgeny Kalinin.

3. Share with us what is the story behind the name Crowblack. Why did you decide to pick this name for the band?
Ha-ha! It was the drunk party. We’ve been under the influence of Poisonblack and alcohol – Crowblack was the result.

4. Over the years you developed this amazing dark/doom/gothic style. What made you start playing this style?
You know, music for us is not only commercial deals or smth like that. It’s our soul singing. We can’t stop it. We just write it!

5. Tiamat is one of the first bands that got to my mind when I first heard you. Which are Crowblack’s top three band influencers? Why?
No, Tiamat never had influence on our band. We always liked Charon, early Poisonblack and Godsmack because of their deep sound and philosophy. Our music’s weak side is that people do not visit our live concerts – they listen to our songs in the dark silence – in the earphones.

6. Back in 2012 you released your debut album “Dark Hearts United.” How long did it take you to produce the album and what where the biggest challenges you faced with during recording?
We live in Belarus. It’s the biggest challenge. In our country it’s a big deal to have more than 50 people visit your live performance. We didn’t have any chance to promote our first album at all. We’ve just paid for everything ourselves.

7. What was the last gig you attended?
Never mind.

8. Which are your current top 3 songs?
Guano Apes – Numen
Entwine – Lost In My Denial
Pretty Reckless – Under The Water

9. If you could start your band all over again, would you change anything?
You know, everything is OK despite of signing with the label.

10. How long were you preparing yourself for your first “February 19, 2010″ gig? How nervous were you the day of the gig and how did crowd reacted to your music?
We’ve spend lots of money and time. But it was a great show: striptease dancers danced H-Blockx’s Power, the professional barman made her alco-water-fall. Everybody was happy that day. Of course, it was our first challenge, and we were nervous. But the crowd reacted like hell so we’ve just did our work.

11. Since food and metal are one of my top passions, what food represents Minsk the most?
Our traditional food is called “draniki” – you’ll never find it in any other part of the world. It’s grated potatoes cooked our traditional way. I’ll cook some for you if you visit us.

12. Looking outside rock and metal box, what kind of music do you also dig?
As for me (vocalist Evgeny Gubsky) I love jazz and blues. I love Amy Winehouse and Beth Hart. Also our Russian band Aquarium is my popular. As my favorite rock band is Queen, of course.
13. I read that you are curently busy working on new material for your second album. When can we expect the release and do you mind sharing with us album’s title?
We are glade you’ve noticed it. There’s no title at the time. The release is expected on March, 2015.

14. Finish this sentence: If I could jump 1000 feet in the air…
I’ll cried smth like “People, you’re happy, just notice it!”

15. What was your favorite childhood television show?
As for me it was not the show, it was TV-series called X-Files.

16. Year 2014 is quickly approaching it’s end. What are your biggest 2014 achievements and what goals (besides the new album) did you set for 2015?
We’ve decided to find our listeners and label. And if this goal fails, we’ll make something new and maybe we’ll quit the music composing.
17. Let’s be festive right now – what traditional Minsk gift would you buy me for Christmas?
We would take you for a trip to our traditional village Dudutki with a tour of the national crafts, meals and, of course, traditional self-made vodka.


To help them reach one of their 2015 goals, go show the band some love and like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram and Twitter and subsribe to their YouTube channel.


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