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Interview With Louder Than Quiet From Upper Marlboro


It is time for a fresh new interview and today we will be talking about Upper Marlboro, Maryland based Louder Than Quiet. The band was formed by five African Americans back in fall of 2010 and they play melodic death metal and post hardcore. They are Alireza (guitar and vocals), Danny (lead guitar and vocals), Dominic (bass), Urico (vocals) and Anthony (drums).
Louder Than Quiet is Dominic, Ali and Urico’s answer to the time they were kicked out of another band because they want to get heavier. Last month LTQ released music video for the song “Red Gemini” in collaboration with Jonny Craig and the same month also launched an IndieGogo campaign. They launched the campaign to raise money for music, transportation and merch. Go watch their video below or head over to their campaign page to learn more about it.
Now lets together jump straight into the interview and get to know these fellas a little better. From their breakfast food and working with Jonny Craig to non-metal music and a lot more, enjoy.

1. Who are you, who are band members, where do you guys come from and what kind of music do you play?
We are melodic death metal and post hardcore band from Upper Marlboro, Maryland… that’s a mouthful, geeze. The members and positions are as follows: Alireza and Danny play guitar and do clean vocals, Dominic plays bass, Urico handles all the dirty vocals and Anthony plays drums.

2. How did the Louder Than Quiet start and when did you form the band?
The band started in August of 2010 after we (Dominic, Ali, Urico) were kicked out of another band because we kept wanting to get heavier… we think that worked out for the better.

3. Tell me more about the name Louder Than Quiet. What made you pick this name and what’s its origin?
We had a show in 2010 a week after we were kicked out of the previous group, we had to come up with a name. Ali’s sister had an idea which so happened to become the new name. We like to say it’s a reminder of our inability to be silenced and never wanting to fit in with what is considered “normal.” But it’s just a name.
louder than quiet
4. Recently you released music video for the song “Red Gemini” featuring Jonny Craig. How did you come up with this collab and how is it working with Jonny?
“Red Gemini” is one of the first songs we wrote with the intent of combining melodeath and post hardcore styles of music. And as we were writing it, we just had the idea of “What if we had Jonny Craig on the song?” because we believed he would’ve been a great fit. Luckily we were able to reach out to Jonny and we made it happen. Working with Jonny was a blast, straight up. He’s really down to earth person even after we met up with him a month later when he came to town tour again. He’s the shit.

5. Imagine yourself locked in a dark and smelly room. Lock opens only if you tell three Louder Than Quiet influencers. Which would you pick?
We felt like we could’ve gone a couple of routes answering this question. Talking about bands that influenced us, we couldn’t narrow it down to three. So, well name what influences our writing and that is: Life, Tragedy and Love… now get us out this damn room!!!

6. Do you ever play covers? Why yes, why no?
We’ve been talking about doing covers since we’ve formed. We just don’t have the attention span to do one. But we swear it will happen!! Eventually… maybe… sometime…
louder than quiet
7. How did you get into metal music?
Rico: My mum… she introduced me to Slayer.
Ali: YouTube and Guitar Hero.
Dom: Rock Band and System Of A Down \m/.
Ant: My bro, Noah Hoffland. As I Lay Dying.
Danny: KillSwitch Engage.

“We’re also known for our stage antics and extremely live performances.”- Louder Than Quiet

8. You said you are quite far from being a “normal” metal band. What is making your unique and stand out from the crowd?
Besides being an all black-membered metal group? Well, the way we’re approaching out sound, we believe, has not really been attempt to the degree we are going to attempt to combine these two genres. We’re also known for our stage antics and extremely live performances.

9. You recently launched an Indiegogo campaign and I saw you already raised some money. How busy are you wit promoting the campaign and, if not a secret, do you have any advices how to promote an Indiegogo campaign for fellow metal bands?
As far as promoting, we’re new to crowdfunding, so it’s been a “learning as we go,” “trial and error” type of deal. So a lot of it is trial and error and always trying to stay a step ahead of the game. Promotion is extremely important and we want to always find creative ways to present ourselves to people but we want to make sure that when you see us, it’s really us there is no facade with how we present ourselves.
Advice for other metal bands wanting to do crowdfunding: Figure out what your end objective is then work backwards creating little steps to get you there. Don’t be cookie cutter with how your promote yourself, be unique. And always have a backup play or two.

louder than quiet
10. Do you care about style and what you wear?
Ant: I don’t give a fuck, I’ll walk out in my pajamas.
Dom: At times I do but not too much. Jeans and T-shirt for me, my color scheme is usually black with an accent of black.
Ali: Yup, I care highly about clothes, I gotta stay fresh to death.
Danny: Hell yes! I care about my clothes game, son. Gotta stay fly.
Rico: I care more about the material and quality of clothes. Simple or plain designs will work for me.
So you can see we’re pretty split on this subject, lol.

11. What’s your favorite food for breakfast?
Dom: One can not simply name one food. I must have scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, diced potatoes and apple sauce… must have apple sauce.
Danny: Pizza. Period.
Rico: Anything vegan.
Ali: French toast.
Ant: Snickerdoodle cookies…

12. What kind of music are you listening to besides metal and heavier stuff?
Ali: I listen to hip hop, soul, punk, post hardcore and R&B.
Dom: Anything bluesy or jazzy I’m going to listen to. Justin Timberlake is my got to smoosh artist right now.
Danny: Everything from classical to reggae to R&B to country.
Rico: Neo goth soul, witch house, tap, R&B, soul, blues, indie rock, post rock, classical and a lot of other stuff. I am mixed on what I listen to… I vibe with emotional stuff.
Ant: Indie rock, post rock, jazz, experimental and underground hip-hop.

louder than quiet
13. Finish this sentence: If I were Grizzly bear…
Rico: … I’d be sleeping.
Ant: … I’d go on killing spree.
Ali: … I’m going to look for grizzly gals.
Dom: … I’m gonna make human traps.
Danny: … I would not know what to do with myself, lol. I’d go wrestle something probably. I would be a friendly one, like I’d let people take rides on my back through the forest, as long as they feed me. I’d be extra happy because I finally would have the tail I’ve been wanting for years.

14. I saw you are pretty good at freestyle. Ever though about mixing it with metal?
Haha. We all can rap in the band, our drummer Anthony goes by “Airospace” and Ali goes by “Alireza” you can look them up, they’re really good. But as far as incorporating it in our tunes, we’ve done it, we don’t foresee ourselves doing it in the future, at least not the near future. But never say never. But if or when we do it, it’ll definitely have to fit any the instrumental and will just have to give us that “tingly” feeling, that’s how we know it’s right.

15. What plans do you have for 2015?
Well, we’re talking to Jamie King now about getting back into the studio so we can continue recording the album. Also we’re discussing and planning out concepts for our next music video(s). Also we’re trying to help solidify our team outside of music, like videographers, photographers and designers, we try to keep as much in-house as we can. Of course we’re trying to reach out and rub elbows with as many people as possible, but most importantly we are continuing to perfect our craft with the music so we can continue to keep quality tunes flowing. Hopefully we can come out there and visit you at The Blek Goat, soon!

16. Would you like to add anything to the interview? Anyone special you’d like to thank?
We’ll answer as a band because we pretty much have the same thing:
We’d like to thank Old Town Music Group, they helped us make the Jonny Craig feature a possibility. So I suppose it’s only right for Jonny to be next. First off Big Thanks to Jonny for even working with us, you never know until you ask. He killed the tracks and it meshed so well, better than we imagined and having him in the video was just icing on the cake, he’s such a chill, laid back dude.
Also, Adam Cody of Wretched, he was featured on our song “An Effortless Twilight,” another really cool guy.
Next we HAVE to thank Jamie King for such an awesome experience, this was our first time in studio outside of our own little setup at home and the process there was just so relaxed and fun, we forgot we were even in the studio, honestly. We felt like we were back in Maryland chilling in the practice spot at 3AM, can’t wait to get back down there to make more noise.
Thanks to Donte Player, he was the one who did all the shooting and editing for the video and it came out dope, just like we expected it to.
And a final and very special thank to everyone who was supported us so far, whether you’re a fan, family or friend, we truly appreciate everyone who has helped us along the way. Hopefully we can take you guys on a wild and crazy ride for years to come.
Thanks to The Blek Goat for the interview, it was a pleasure to be able to answer these questions, we really enjoy things like this. Until next time, stay metal! \m/


Show your support to the Louder And Quiet guys by liking their Facebook page and go follow them on Twitter.
And as mention in the interview, head over to their IndieGogo campaign page and help them achieving the goal.


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