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Interview With JP Denomme Of Kitchener’s Exalt


I just recently chatted with JP Denomme of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada based hardcore band Exalt about doing an interview and here we are now. If you haven’t heard for the band before now is you chance to find out what they are all about. Broadly they describe themselves as a metal/metalcore band and they consist of Tyler Brand, Ben Waugh, Tim Waugh, Mitch McEwen and JP Denomme.
They would probably decline doing a live Justin Bieber cover, but they are excited about the March tour they are taking with Cancer Bats.
Enjoy reading.

1. I saw that there are five of you. Do you mind telling us who you are, where do you come from and what kind of music do you play.
Tyler Brand – Vocals
Ben Waugh – Guitar and Vocals
Tim Waugh – Drums
Mitch McEwen – Bass
JP Denomme – Guitar
We, in a broad sense, are a metal/metalcore band. We aim to incorporate a lot of our own influences in to the band.

2. I read that the conception for Exalt reaches back to October, 2010. How long do you guys know each other and what made you start thinking about forming a band?
We have known each other now through our local scene for almost 8 years. Some of us have even played in bands before. So when it came to Exalt, the aim was to try to write music that we wanted to hear and enjoy with people we were comfortable playing with.

3. I am always excited to hear stories behind band names. Tell me, what is the origin of Exalt and why you picked this name?
It was initially taken from an album from a French Post-Metal band called Le Kraken called “Exalt.”

4. How does the day of the gig look like for Exalt? Do you have any special rituals before shows?
We don’t have to many routines before a gig. We just try to hang out with the bands we’re playing with, and relax as much as we can before we play. It seems to me that a decent playlist in the band seems to set a good mood for the day.

5. What do you find in hardcore that you can not ding in any other genres?
There’s a strong support from the hardcore community.

6. If someone offers you ten grand to do a live Justin Bieber cover while wearing silver dresses, would you do it?
Haha, I can’t speak for my bandmates. However, I won’t knock it till I try it, haha. But as a band, I think we’d probably decline.

7. How is music affecting you and the world around you?
YouTube is sic.

8. Which are Exalt’s top three band influencers?
Deftones is probably the biggest and unanimous one. Beyond that would be tough to nail down. Another majority I guess would be Korn. And in the conception, Converge was one as well.
9. How strong is hardcore scene in Kitchener, Ontario?
Kitchener isn’t about hardcore as much as it is about punk/rock/metal – as far as what bands play. Regardless, it is quite interconnected and supportive which is vital in any local scene.

10. Which are your top three Canadian bands?
1. Cursed
2. Cryptopsy
3. Baptists

11. To what food you are addicted the most?
1. Pizza
2. And you haven’t lived until you’ve lived the Sour Cream Dream
3. Pre-Dinner Mayonnaise

12. What kind of music you like outside hardcore and metal?
We listen to almost everything. Lana Del Rey to ASAP Ferg.
I (JP) will listen to classical music, black metal, and death metal a lot. Limp Bizkit, Machine Head, Alt-J, the list can very easy go on.
We all dig and genuinely enjoy all facets and genres of music.

“End All Earth. Clean All Skin. Fear All Life.”– Exalt

13. Back in November you released “Pale Light” through New Damage Records. Why did you decide to go with a more focused and realized album? How is working with New Damage Records?
Work with New Damage was an obvious choice for us. And they’ve been great to us along the way. We had just over 2 years to write this album and we wanted to make sure we enjoyed every song on the album 100%.

14. Finish this sentence: I would rather __________ than cancel the upcoming tour with Cancer Bats.
… wear a silver dress doing a Justin Bieber cover than cancel the upcoming tour with Cancer Bats, haha. The band is awesome. We’ve been lucky enough to open a couple of shows for them here in Ontario, Canada a couple years back, and they have always been the nicest and most positive dudes slugging it from Canada right now.
15. What are your three things you can not live without?
1. Pizza
2. iPhones

16. What plans do you have for 2015? Do you have any big projects in the works?
Lots of plans, hoping to try to record a little EP in 2015 to keep ourselves busy. And of course – tour, tour, and tour.

17. We are done. Would you like to add anything to the interview?
Support you local scene and support wigger fight-metal.


Support Exalt on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also check their official website and get the “Pale Light” album on iTunes or through New Damage Records.


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