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Interview With John From Rain May Fall Band


rain may fall
A new week is here and nothing better than kicking it off with a fresh new interview. John from Rain May Fall, a Merseyside, Northwest are of the UK based band, was kind enough to answer on my questions. Band was formed in 2012 and in just a few years played countless of gigs and even achieved to support Uli Jon Roth and Diamondhead.
John said Rain May Fall is a mixture of heavy rock and metal with grunge elements and just anything else that catches their ear.
Now lets jump straight into the interview and get to know these guys a little bit better.
(PS: Send me some of that Scouse guys!)

1. Please introduce yourself first. Tell us who you are, where do you come from and what kind of music you play?
We are Rain May Fall consisting of Mark (vocals), Tim (lead guitar), John (rhythm guitar), Dave (drums) and Luke (bass). All the band members are based in Merseyside/Northwest area of the UK. We play a mixture of heavy rock/metal with elements of grunge and anything else that catches our ear really.

2. I read that the band was formed in 2012. How did you guys meet?
Mark and Tim had previously been in a band, as had John and Dave, so we knew each other through the local music scene. After our respective bands disbanded, Mark and Tim reached out to John and Dave to jam, we kicked some riffs about and quickly realised this “thing” had legs so we went about writing a sets-worth of material and hit the local scene.

3. What are three main things that inspired you to make music together (and don’t tell me it’s because of riffs, booze and tattoos)?
A shared love of music, a burning desire to create and boredom played a part I guess. We’re all interested in similar music so we kinda knew we were in the right ballpark for a starting point during our 1st jam. We were all pretty much chomping at the bit and eager to get back in the game due to our previous musical endeavours coming to an end, plus we were all getting withdrawal symptoms from not jamming and gigging.
rain may fall
4. What is the origin of the name Rain May Fall? Were there any other names for the band in the game?
It’s a J.R.R. Tolkien/Lord Of The Rings related quote. We didn’t really know where we were going with the name initially, Rain May Fall caught our ear so we ran with it. I’m a firm believer that with any band name, the band and it’s music makes the name work.

5. How does the day of the gig for Rain May Fall look like?
Pack our gear/merch and get our cars loaded up, hit the venue for sound check and grab a bite to eat if there’s enough time before doors open, watch the earlier bands, get set up/warmed up, then do our thing, watch the rest of the bands and chat to the gig going folk, shift merch if we’re lucky then pack up the cars and head home.

6. Who writes the lyrics and where does the inspiration come from?
All lyrics are written by our singer Mark. He writes about everything in life that moves and affects you. Whether it be something he’s read in a book, seen on TV/movies or that’s happened in life, those positive or negative vibes are channelled into Rain May Fall’s lyrics and ultimately into something constructive.
rain may fall
7. Who are your major influencers?
We typically gravitate towards music that’s heavier both sonically and in tone, that has hooks/grooves and ultimately is interesting to listen to. The likes of Soundgarden and Down come to mind, what a healthy dose of double bass drumming to keep the metal heads happy.

8. How is music affecting you and the world around you?
How music affects you I guess comes down to your disposition in life. We tend to have a laugh more often than not in Rain May Fall as there’s enough grim shit in the society to get you down.

9. Name your 5 favorite bands.
Collectively we listen to the likes of Alice In Chains, Clutch, Pantera, Kyuss and Ugly Kid Joe (among many other artists and styles).
rain may fall
10. What advice would Rain May Fall give to young bands?
Stick with your sound. Don’t sell yourself short. Ultimately have fun and definitely don’t be and asshole, no one will want to work with you again otherwise.

11. What is the last song you heard?
I’ve been listening to 2 records the past few months in my car, Kyng: Burn The Serum and King Parrot: Bite Your Head Of.

12. Favorite local food?
There’s only 1 cuisine local to Merseyside and that’s “Scouse,” it’s a lamb and vegetable stem that’s intrinsically linked to Liverpool and is heart-warmingly delicious.
rain may fall
13. Since you like booze, where you ever drunk on stage?
More often than not we need 2 vehicles per gig so 2 lads in the band abstain from the juice. We don’t hit the sauce hard until after our set as it helps keep things tight when it’s time to make the donuts, nobody wants to watch 5 drunk dudes make a sloppy racket.

14. Let say sou stand on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. What song would you sing?
Britain’s Got Talent, eh? Man that’s depressing thought! If it had to be done I’d have to pull some Tom Waits or Pink Floyd out of the bag, show them something with a genuine soul.

15. Finish this sentence: If I would win the lottery…
I’d make sure our families were financially stable, donate a bunch of cash to local causes and then if any dough was left over we’d invest it in the band e.g. van, merch, tours etc.
rain may fall
16. What are Rain May Fall’s future plans?
Currently writing our debut LP ready to record early 2015, then we’ll hit the road and gig as often as possible.

17. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thank?
Rain May Fall wouldn’t be possible without the support of our families/wives/partners and ultimately music loving public and gig going folks so a big ol’ thank you is due to them. Also thank to The Blek Goat for taking an interest in an underground band. Hail The Blek Goat and all it’s goateeness |m|.


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