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Interview With Fox And His Fresh Band Nox Cult


I always get really stoked when a new band shows interest in doing an interview for The Blek Goat. It has been a super busy month and a half over here at Blek Goat and I can not be more thankful for the response I am already getting. You guys and girls are all amazing.
You know what Nox Cult and The Blek Goat have in common? I know you don’t, so let me tell you. In 2015 we will both show ourselves. By “show ourselves” I mean, Nox Cult will have their first gig and The Blek Goat will reveal what it will be all about. Until then, scroll down and find out more about these up and comers. Plenty of interesting stuff that you don’t want to miss.

1. Let’s start at the beginning. Who you are, what you do and where do you come from?
My name is Fox. I play bass in Nox Cult but I mess with drums and guitar on the side. I’ve also started to develop a growl/scream vocal style. I’m originally from NJ, and came to Long Island about two years ago. The music scene of course is way better up here so I’m happy.

2. You guys are super fresh, but I assume you know each other for a longer time. How did you meet and how long do you know each other?
It’s funny you said that, we actually only met about six months ago. I believe Soda and Monkey played the same show once or twice both in different bands. I put up an ad looking to start horror punk/metal band. Monkey invited me to come to the studio he played at and something magical happened. Three strangers got together in a room and wrote a song, it was like we had already been playing together. It was great! We had such a good vibe and we all agreed to meet up again.

3. Tell me, what’s up with the name Nox Cult? What’s the origin of the name? Are you all night persons?
Well speaking for myself I am definitely a night owl. As for the name I have to tell you we went through so many ideas. Every name we all liked was taken. Once or twice we found a name that we thought went really well with what we do musically. Unfortunately the internet shut us down. It seemed every name was taken. Monkey researched obscure words, Nox was on it and stuck out, a week or so later Soda proposed Nox Cult to us and that was it. Nox meaning night in Latin gave us “dark” vibe we liked. Cult was a clever way to involve listener and I defiantly eat, sleep, and breathe this band, it’s like I’m in a cult.

4. I believe you are super busy right now, preparing everything for the first gig in 2015. What are the challenges you are currently facing with the most?
Super busy and excited, we are eight songs in with a goal of nine by the New Year. Promotion has come pretty easy for us; Soda already had established his own network and fan base from previous projects. Everyone seems really excited to hear us. That being said I think the biggest challenge is gonna be balancing everyone’s personal schedule.
nox cult
5. When did you get into metal/rock music? For any specific reason?
Fox: When I was younger my Mother would blast Ugly Kid Joe and I would just freak out and roll around the floor, I loved it.
Soda: I have been into music my entire life. I remember singing when I was about 3 years old. Music has saved my life and helped to keep me on a decent path. When I was younger I definitely was more of a little metal head/rock lover. I still love both but my tastes now tend to be somewhat obscure and quirky. I love Alternative music. I listen to tons of 80’s and 90’s music.
Monkey: Joined the school band around 8 when I started dabbling into percussion instruments. You know, stand up snare, big 26″ Bass Drum and Orchestral Crash Cymbals. It wasn’t until my parents bought me this monster of a set as a gift when I started playing the Kit. Right around that same time I got my first album on tape, GnR, Use your Illusion One. Learned every song to the T. Started buying more and more albums to imitate after that and never looked back.

6. What was the first song you played as a band?
The first song we wrote was “Friends & Snakes”. It kinda just happened that first night we got together.

7. How is music affecting you and the world around you?
Fox: Everyday, it is a lifestyle for me.
Soda: It affects me every day. It inspires me endlessly. It brings a deeper meaning to my life; I equate so much to music. I play it; I write it, I live it as much as I can. I feel like music affect me on another level that some people may not understand, and I don’t mean to seem pretentious, it is just the truth.
Monkey: Constantly.

8. Who are your top 3 influencers?
Fox: Wednesday 13, Ugly Kid Joe, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Soda: Top 3? That’s super tough. I can tell you that Extreme definitely changed my life. Nuno and Gary are Gods to me. Another would be Jellyfish. I’ve worshiped their music for over 20 years. They looked and sounded like no one else and made music that was magical. Andy Sturmer and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. as well are like Gods to me. Another would be Boy George. I used to dress up like him when I was little. He is a brave man, truly inspiring.
Monkey: Michael Peter Balzary, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and George Carlin.
nox cult
9. What advice would Nox Cult give to fellow start-up bands?
Speaking for myself, I’d have to say it all comes down to chemistry. If you feel like it’s being forced it’s not going to work. Just make sure everyone is on the same page meaning, if it’s just for fun or to play a few shows. Then make sure everyone is there for that. If you want to be serious and are in it for the long haul everyone has to be ready to work just as hard.

10. What is the last album you bough and why you bought it?
Fox: Honestly, most of Soda’s old catalogue.
Soda: One of my more recent purchases was the super deluxe reissue of Tears For Fears’ “Song From The Big Chair”. To have all that extra stuff to go along with such an iconic record was amazing to hear. Those guys are scary songwriters.
Monkey: Tool – “10,000 Days”. Why? Because of the way they handle themselves in the music “industry.”

11. Favorite spot for a party?
Fox: I don’t party.
Soda: The exit… meaning, the door.
Monkey: Anywhere I don’t have to clean up!

12. Outside metal/rock, what music do you like? (Bring out all your secrets)
Fox: I listen to a ton of stuff. I started with metal and rock but now listen to Country, Blues, Classical…
Soda: I love lots of quirky pop honestly, more over anything. I also worship Darren Hayes of Savage Garden. He is a true artist. He is lyrical mastermind and one of the craziest singers alive, also another very brave and inspiring man.
Monkey: The easy and bullshit answer is, “I like all kinds of music,” because that’s usually the answer you’ll get from most people to avoid indifference or embarrassment (and by the way, if anyone does respond like this, immediately scoff and tell them they’re full of shit). No offense, but a better question, well maybe 10 years ago, would’ve been, “What CD do you have in your CD player right now?” In fact you’re question as to “Top 5 most iPod plays” is an excellent and specific one. The truth is I try not to categorize music by genre too much. Maybe it’s due to my perspective being somewhat of a song writer but for me, it’s more about which emotion is being triggered, sometimes more than one, sometimes none. Even songs I might say I hate or can’t stand usually will grab my attention just so I can feel that emotion from time to time. Funny enough, it’s hard to put my finger on a single tune or track that doesn’t spark an emotion. Maybe they’re just easier to turn off and forget. What do I know; I don’t really listen to a lot of music. Please don’t judge me :)
nox cult
13. What is your biggest fear and why?
Fox: Being afraid of fear.
Soda: Really not quite sure, the last few years have been pretty horrifying, I’d definitely be afraid to relieve some of it. But things are getting better and I’m ready to face what life has to throw at me head on.
Monkey: The thought of having to bury my Daughter… Need I say why?

14. Finish this sentence: If I were a bat…
Fox: I’d hang upside down!
Soda: I would fly on the night with my brothers and sisters, taking in the cool air and relishing in the fact that I am alive.
Monkey: I would be greatly feared and misunderstood.

15. What are currently top 5 most played songs on your iPod/mp3 player?
Fox: Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Lenny,” Murderdolls – “Dressed To Depress,” Albert King – “Stormy Monday,” BB King – “The Thrill Is Gone,” and Wednesday 13 – “God Is A Lie.”
Soda: No idea, I listen to full records. Lately I have been spinning the self-title Serum record, an advance copy of the new Black Sugar Transmission, Robbie Nevil’s first record, the new Maximum The Hormone, and the Xtrmst record that just came out.
Monkey: “Human Nature” – Michael Jackson, “In Your Eyes (Live)” – Peter Gabriel, “No Ordinary Love” – Sade, “Housewife” – Dr. Dre and “Revelations” – Bill Hicks.

16. When and where can we expect your first gig in 2015? Why should we be there?
I can’t fully talk about that yet because we are still to announce it, but it’s gonna be good. You should be there because we are different enough to intrigue and yet familiar enough to really grab you.

17. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thank?
Fox: My Father, Mother, The Wolf and Society.
Soda: Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for giving a shit about indie acts. And thanks to anyone who read this. And thanks to Fox and Monkey for this adventure we have just begun. My close Family and close friends and Vellum Magazine.
Monkey: To all those who find refuge in the night sky and to those who thirst for the imminent dusk where a shadow can overcome all and everything, let the music carry your hearts on an untouchable journey and let us gather in celebration and wonderment while we worship this and every Nox.


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