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Interview With Adelaide Based Band For Millennia


for millennia
I came across this young band from Adelaide called For Millennia over on Instagram. I never heard for them before, so I sure was curious what kind of style they play. They describe themselves as a metal band with progressive, experimental and rock touches. I liked their style a lot and since they know each other for about a year now, what makes them really fresh, I knew I need to reach out to them. All the up and comers need some shine and love!
After a quick chat we were set for an interview and here we are now. Enjoy reading, listening to their music and checking out those gorgeous photos.

1. First introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what’s your role, how old are you and where do you come from?
My name is Henk, I’m the lead vocalist. I’m 20 and I come from South Australia, but I grew up in Michigan, USA.
I’m Oli, I play guitar. I’m also 20 and I’m from Adelaide.
Dom. Adelaide. 19. Bass player.
My name is Rory. I like drums. I’m almost 19 and I am going to be slightly – moderately intoxicated on my anniversary of birth.
I’m Lachlan, I’m 15 and I play keyboards, also from Adelaide.

2. How long have you all known each other and how did you meet?
We’ve known each other for less than a year. Henk and Oli met at a mutual friend’s party, and had a jam with Rory who at the time was also drumming for another band. Lachlan was stalking Rory on Facebook when Rory asked him if he wanted to play keyboards for us. Oli met Dom when he was buying a shirt at Dom’s work and overheard him talking about his new bass amplifier.

3. What’s up with the name For Millennia? What’s the origin of the name? Were there any other names for the band in the game?
We were toying around with a few names here and there. A lot of them were really cliché or sounded like 50’s lounge singers. We were brainstorming a bunch of ideas and literally saying any word from the dictionary that sounded cool or different. Rory was going through a bunch of words concerning the theme of “time” and said For Millennia and that was it.

4. How does a day in the life of For Millennia look like?
3 of us are at University, 1 at Tafe (Australian Vocational Education) and 1 at High School, and with also having part-time jobs we’re all quite busy, but we try and get together every week or two to have a jam session. During this time we mainly show each other different song ideas, going through riffs and lyric ideas. Most of the time we’re quite productive and it really helps that everyone has had a different experience learning music – through practice, listening, theory, etc. – that we can really keep things interesting. Having said that, we like to have some down time at some point in between, especially during this time of year, it gets really hot during summer and at some point we’re likely to walk over the local shops, grab some food and just share some jokes; pretty normal stuff really.

5. When did you get into metal music? For any specific reason?
Oli: My Dad would always play bands like Metallica, Van Halen or Bon Jovi in his car. When I was 10 years old, I went to the 2005 Big Day Out (Australian Music Festival) and saw Slipknot who were touring the “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses” album. Their live show absolutely mesmerized me and I couldn’t wait to tell all of my mates in school about “this crazy clown (Shawn Crahan) that was smashing a beer keg with a baseball bat” on stage. From then on I was hooked.
Henk: The first sort of “harder” stuff I got into when I was 12 years old included bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace listening to music videos of video games I heard on YouTube. From then on I was asking my dad to buy albums for me, and getting me shirts and posters. Eventually he got me a walkman so I would be somewhat silent. That didn’t stop me though, I would sing along to albums like Meteora, One X, Until We Have Faces, and Dear Agony. I loved to sing so much that I joined my schools choir and quickly became one of the best in my section, and was eventually asked to be a part of a classical metal band called Chaotic Paradise. So yeah, I guess it all stemmed from that.
Dom: I grew up listening to bands like Cold Chisel, because of my parents, and never really listened to metal music until high school where I befriended a group of metal heads. I listen to that much music that I can’t remember for the life of me the first metal bands I listened to, but I can say that While She Speaks and Mutiny Within are the two bands that have influenced me in terms of metal music.
Rory: I was constantly in the presence of metal from a young age, having three older brothers who appreciated the style in their own way. Nu metal bands like Slipknot, Korn and Static X were mainstays of my childhood musical interests and definitely paved the way for my love of metal. My early teens saw the introduction of metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage, Chimaira and Trivium into both my musical preference and repertoire and since then my passion for heavy music has flourished into what could almost be considered as a staple of everyday life for me today.
Lachlan: I was basically born into old school metal and classic rock. My father brought me up with Metallica, ACDC, Aerosmith and Def Leppard. As I went through school, I slowly drifted more into mainstream pop, but after seeing Static X’s “Skinnyman” and Slipknot’s “Before I Forget” on TV and YouTube, I got back into it. I very quickly explored the darker areas of metal and always listened to Norwegian Black Metal, and Blackened Death Metal. I then began experimenting with other areas and over time have developed a very large range of metal music tastes.

6. Do you ever play covers? Why yes, why no?
Sometimes, we’re not really for or against playing covers. We love playing our own stuff more but say, like with our next show this coming Friday; The particular club tends to have a themed nights, so for that we’re playing cover that fits in with the theme.

for millennia

7. How is music affecting you and the world around you?
Oli: Through most of my high school days I was really into listening to only bands like Trivium, Slipknot and a few Australian hardcore/punk bands. I had trouble fitting in at school and often felt like I couldn’t “be me.” It sounds really cheesy… and it is. This carried over after I graduated, and it was strange. I didn’t feel like I had any answers and I didn’t really know who I was. I quit my old band because I didn’t want to be “limited” to one style. Progressive metal was getting some attention point and I latched onto it straight away. For example, I came across Devin Townsend and I was instantly sold. Here is this guy, writing whatever it is that he’s feeling, not matter whether it’s spacey country-rock or heavy riffing, he’s doing his own thing. I was really enlightening and I actually feel comfortable being the weird kid that I am.
Henk: Music keeps me motivated, and has gotten me through some rough patches. It inspires me to keep getting up in front of people and sharing with them my story through a rhythm and a rhyme so that they can relate and empathize with me. It makes connections with people, and helps them get up when they’re down. That’s how it affects me and I think that’s how the world is affected by music.
Dom: Well, everything in my life revolves around music. My social life, everything. It particularly affects the world around me because it allows me to express myself in a way that would otherwise be kept hidden. Without music I would be one withdrawn individual. It’s gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life and being in For Millennia in particular has changed my perspective on certain things and given me a channel through which I can express what I usually wouldn’t show people.
Rory: Music is incredible important to both me and my perception of daily life and the world around me. Strangely enough, I was never really interested in music to a huge extent in my early childhood, but my teenage years saw me endure some pretty difficult times and I guess music was always there for me. There were times when I just felt really down, and in those times I would listen to music and just let my emotions flow, discovering new bands throughout those endeavours. Music has been a catalyst for me in finding myself and I cannot behind to contemplate life without it. Throughout my history, I have seen music as a beacon in the expanse of lightlessness that can, at times, be the world around you.
Lachlan: Music personally affects me emotionally depending on what I am listening to. If I’m feeling negative I often listen to quieter, darker metal, whereas if I’m more creative, I often listen to Devin Townsted or Cynic. I find music to be extremely important to me as I use it as an outlet for my angers and frustrations, as well as letting it motivate and excite me.

8. Top 3 albums and top 3 bands.
Oli: Top 3 albums would be Addicted by Devin Townsted Project, Ascendancy by Trivium and Diamond Eyes by Deftones. From track 1 right through to the last, these albums are just incredible.
Top 3 bands for me are easily Devin Townsend Project, Nightwish and Trivium. The live shows are second-to-none and the sheer musicianship for all three are intense.
Henk: My top three albums are A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park, Until We Have Faces by Red and City of Vultures by Rise To Remain. Top three bands would be Linkin Park, Red and Bullet For My Valentine.
Dom: My all time favorite band is an Australian band by the name of Violent Soho and favorite album is Violent Soho’s self-titled. That will never change. I don’t usually classify bands I listen to as favorites because, aside from Violent Soho, I never constantly listen to one genre of music. In saying that, currently I am obsessed with a release by a local Adelaide band Dyssidia called Quite Waters and an album called Land of Pleasure by another Australian band Sticky Fingers.
Rory: A very difficult question, but after some reflection I can say that my top three albums are: Alive or Just Breathing by Killswitch Engage, Controller by Misery Signals and The Sorrow’s self-titled album. My top 3 bands are the same three bands; Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals and The Sorrow. Their music speaks to me on a level which can only be understood through such an art form.
Lachlan: This is a very hard question for me to answer as there are countless numbers of bands and albums I would put into my top three. However, my current top three bands and albums would be The Joy of Motion by Animals As Leaders, The Blackening by Machine Head and Death Cult Armageddon by Dimmu Borgir.

9. What advice would For Millennia give to fellow bands?
Find the right people to play music with. If you don’t gel with the other people in your band then you aren’t going to leave the garage. It’s also important to experiment musically as often as you can. The more you limit yourself musically, the quicker you’re playing is going to feel stale. It sounds silly but don’t forget to have fun, it’s one of the most important parts of making music with other people.

10. What is the last album you bought and why you bought it?
Oli: The Z2: Dark Matters’Sky Blue album by Devin Townsed. I pre-order it a couple months ago and it arrived just recently. As soon as I heard that he was enlisting what ended up being about 2000 voices for the Universal Choir I knew it was going to be a good record… and a concept album about Ziltoid no less. It really didn’t disappoint.
Henk: The Hunting Park by Linkin Park, because they are my favorite band and I enjoy looking forward to what they are going to do next.
Dom: The last album I bought was A Million Hands by Horror My Friend who, again, are a local Adelaide bands. I believe it is important to support local music which is why I bought it. That, and Horror My Friend are fucking sick.
Rory: Bloodstone and Diamonds by Machine Head, This is, without a shed of doubt, my favorite album of 2014. I have been a fan of Machine Head since The Blackening came out in 2007, which is one of my favorite albums of all time, along with it’s follow up Unto The Lucust in 2011. I was prepared to accept that Machine Head’s best days were behind them, considering the perfection of those two albums, but when I heard Bloodstone and Diamonds for the first time, I quickly abandoned that idea. This album is phenomenal. Machine Head’s already rich emotional catalog has only been accentuated through the use of atmospheric elements such as orchestral strings and choirs in this album. This is modern metal at it’s absolute finest, and if this is their last album, Machine Head have most undoubtedly finished their studio career on a high note.
Lachlan: The last album I bought was Soilwork’s The Living Infinite. I bought it because I love Soilwork, and their music matures and improves throughout the years. I was keen to purchase the two-disk album to hear what masterpiece they had produced. I have absolutely no regrets, as it is an extremely clever album.

11. Favorite junk food?
Oli: Mexican food goes down alright; Enchiladas, Nachos and such.
Henk: Pizza
Dom: Chinese Takeaway
Rory: McDonald’s McChamp Chicken Burgers. The artful balance of tanginess, crispiness and creaminess is uncanny.
Lachlan: Hungry Jacks’ (Burger Kings’) $2 BBQ Cheesburger. Those are the shit. Saucy… greasy… and beefy.

12. Outside metal, what music do you like? (Bring out all your secrets)
Oli: I’d like to think my music tastes are pretty well rounded. Paul Gilbert’s Vibrato album is pretty funky. Casualties of Cool’s self-titled album is pretty awesome too. I’ve been getting back into bands like The Killers and Panic! At The Disco. Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive was pretty catchy when I first heard it. But I think the one you really want me to mention is Taylor Swift. Seriously, Her latest single has been living rent free in my mind lately and I don’t know why. (But hey, it’s only music, right?) *cough* I mean… I only listen to extreme metal. Cannibal Corpse, Cradle Of Filth… Meshuggah!
Henk: I don’t mind stuff like One Republic, Nelly and even a little Hollywood Undead.
Dom: I literally listen to everything. I played in an Indie band before For Millennia, have a strong passion for Reggae and will pretty much listen to anything with a catchy melody or lyrics I can relate too.
Rory: I do enjoy a bit of Eminem and Nas when I’m not headbanging. Instrumental prog is always cool too. Lately I’ve been getting into a European band called Frames who make instrumental progressive rock laden with emotion. Anything with odd time signatures always catches my attention, I really dig jazz and fun music because of this. Lana Del Ray is also a guilty pleasure of mine and I found her latest album Ultraviolence really easy to get into, I’m not sure why.
Lachlan: Old school rap and hip hop. I’m talking about Tha Dogg Pound, Ice Z, NWA and Compton’s Most Wanted… Oh, and un-related to hip hop, Rihanna’s “Only girl in the world.”

for millennia

13. What is your biggest fear and why?
Oli: I don’t know about it being a ‘fear’ as such, but I don’t like step-ladders. Not sure why, but we have one at work and I’ll do whatever I can to avoid having to use it in order to clean walls or something.
Henk: Losing everything I have worked for and disappointing all who I love… and Lachlan.
Dom: My biggest fear on this earth are birds and I have absolutely no idea why.
Rory: Spiders and Lachlan.
Lachlan: Spiders. The way they move and how they are so quick to react to sudden movements absolutely terrifies me. In fact, one time after I had a shower, I was drying off and I suddenly felt a drop of water moving upwards. I thought to myself “This is weird, why would it be moving upwards?” I looked over my should and a spider, the size of a large coin, was lurking on my back. I yelled and ran in terror, trying to get it off with my towel. So yeah… spiders suck.

14. Finnish this sentence: If I were an animal…
Oli: If I were an animal, I would be a wedge-tailed eagle because I would look awesome and be able to travel frequently.
Henk: Fucker I would film it and post it on YouTube… but I am not, so I won’t.
Dom: If I were an animal I’d probably be a Panda because they just mung on food all day.
Rory: I’d be a cat so I could constantly annoy people by rubbing up against their leg when they’re trying to watch TV.
Lachlan: If I were an animal, I’d be a majestic panther.

15. What are currently top 5 most played songs on your iPod/mp3 player?
1. Hyperdrive – Devin Townsend Project
2. Dark Side of Me – Coheed and Cambria
3. Mothersky – Twelve Foot Ninja
4. Ballast – Nothing More
5. Wish I Had and Angel – Nightwish
1. Lost in The Echo – Linkin Park
2. In My Remains – Linkin Park
3. Waiting For The End – Linkin Park
4. Powerless – Linkin Park
5. Lies Greed Misery – Linkin Park
1. In The Aisle – Violent Soho
2. Saramina Said – Violent Soho
3. Okay Cathedral – Violent Soho
4. Australia Street – Sticky Fingers
5. Acid Rain – Silver Chair
1. Sail Into The Black – Machine Head
2. Lifetime In Ruins – Unearth
3. Your Voice – Dreamshade
4. Hypatia Rising – Darkest Hour
5. Luminary – Misery Signals
1. Nothing and Nowhere – Tracedawn
2. My Own Summer – Deftones
3. Beautiful Mourning – Machine Head
4. Nocturne – Tesseract
5. Death To All But Metal – Steel Panther

for millennia

16. What are your future plans? Any big projects in the works?
A couple of us are going overseas for the Christmas holidays for a bit. When Oli comes back from Japan we’re going to be writing and jamming in preparation to record an EP around March/April. We hope to be able to play a couple shows interstate and maybe do a music video. It’ll be a bit tricky with 4 of us at University but we’re beginning to plan this things now so we can work around our other commitments as easily as possible.

17. Any last words? Anyone special you’d like to thanks?
Oli: I guess my parents and band mates? It’s been an awesome time working on For Millennia with these guys and I really hope we continue to make this into something that we can always be proud of. When I first showed my parent our debut single “Endurance” my mum almost straight away said, “This is it. This is THE band, isn’t it?”
Henk: Just want to thank everyone who has supported out band through the past year and to Blek Goat for giving us this interview.
Dom: All I want to say is that people should stop trying to define genres and enjoy the music. Just want to thank the other boys in the band for getting me involved and the usually family and friends for the support.
Rory: My drum teacher, Kelvin. His guidance, encouragement and education have made me the musician I am today. I would also have to thank my family and friends, but mostly my mum, as she has been a source of encouragement and guidance not just throughout my musical career but my entire life. A massive thanks also goes out to the musicians I have worked with in the past for enabling me to be able to make music with such a bunch of great friends in For Millennia. Also, I know it sounds corny, but it would be silly not to thank any fans who have supported us in our musical endeavours, it means the world. Peace!
Lachlan: I’d like to thank Wayne Static and Static X for pretty much attracting me to metal music. After seeing their music on Television as a little kid, I knew that I wanted to grow up to play some sort of instrument; rest in peace man.


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