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I Didn’t Choose The Metal Life, The Metal Life Chose Me


metal life
A little while ago I posted this photo about metal life on The Blek Goat’s Instagram and it got quite a big response. After a few days, while browsing TBG’s Instagram profile to refresh my memory what I posted in the past, this photo stopped me for a few moments. It got me thinking about several things and eventually I came to the conclusion that it deserves a post. The saying is pretty much straightforward and I believe the majority of metal community agrees with it.

You don’t choose the metal life, it chooses you.

People who decide that from today on they will be heavy metal enthusiasts are doing it wrong. I am not saying that these people are doing any damage to the scene, because with time they can get really passionate about it. And metal community is happy to welcome any kind of persona. Maybe I started complicating things but please bare with me. Every metalhead out there who let himself got chosen by the metal life knows exactly what I am talking about. It just isn’t genuine if you have a “forced approach” to the heavy metal music and you decide that from now on you will be a true metalhead. This of course isn’t related only to heavy metal, but to life(style) in general. Let it be any other music genre, skateboarding, surfing, etc. Forcing yourself into something just because it is “in” is not good. Metal is a lifestyle and you organically transform and became passionate about it. Simple as that. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t find metal music yourself, you aren’t a true metalhead. This is rubbish. I discovered heavy metal music by myself through Cannibal Corpse, but I know if someone else would introduce me to it, I would be at the same spot I am today. In my case it “clicked” in me and right after I heard the first metal song I knew this is it. I was listening to country music before metal, due to my father, but I also enjoyed experimenting with other genres. My transformation from country to metal was organic and before even noticing it I was hooked by the metal life. Without doing much, or any at all, research, if it is meant for you metal will find you.
metal life
Metal is the way of life and it is not only about the music. Being a metalhead means being open minded, being trustworthy, being proud of who you are, being kind, being supportive and the list goes on and on. Although we may look “scary,” wearing all black, being pierced and inked, I say, never judge a book by its cover. From all the adventures and experiences I had with metal in general, I can easily say that metalheads are one of the nicest people out there. But on the other hand, we are all so different and what I do believe is that too many are forgetting that we are all under the same roof. The metal life roof.


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