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Heavy Metal Thanksgiving Feast You Need This Year


With Thanksgiving just around the corner and me being a huge food enthusiast, I decided to prepare you a proper heavy metal Thanksgiving feast. It was super easy. I bought a turkey, threw it in the oven and roasted it for about two to three times the amount of recommended roasting time. Voila, I got an all black turkey that tasted awful, but it was black.
OK, joke aside. I decided to collect a bunch of black-ish recipes to make this year’s Thanksgiving black, dark and metal.
So, how to make a heavy metal Thanksgiving?
You could replace turkey with the Ayam Cemani chicken of Indonesia, which is all black, skin, bones and flesh. In my opinion I would not do that because the chick is freaking expansive and we still want to make Thanksgiving in a traditional turkey style.
This said, you can make (or buy) a slow-smoked turkey and with a proper glaze you can make it quite dark. I got this recipe from the website and it looks delicious.
heavy metal thanksgiving
Just in case you need another recipe, head over to

OK, the main course is now covered. Now lets go to side dish.
Why not go with a squid ink pasta and an easy bolognese. Nothing goes down better that a nice and simple bolognese sauce (with black spaghetti!). And more meat!

Go from boring to a heavy metal Thanksgiving!

To make everything look a bit more healthier try making a black rice salad? Below you can see a delicious salad that everyone behind the table will fight for. Find full recipe on

We are almost there, aren’t we? Well, a good desert and maybe a nice drink will go well along with all the above deliciousness.
A desert and a proper drink must definitely be part of this heavy metal Thanksgiving.
The poison toffee apples will make you family and friends a bit scared to taste them. Come on, they really do look poisonous.
Nothing poisonous here and they are super easy to make, just follow this recipe and you are safe.

One more thing and we are done. Can we make this heavy metal Thanksgiving even more black? Of course we can. We can do it with a nice black widow martini.
Find recipe for this treat at the website.
Nope, I did not forget about all the youngsters. For all your kids and for all you who do not drink alcohol, here is a black cherry soda recipe.

All you American metalheads, have a great Thanksgiving and bon appetit!
And don’t forget, tune in some heavy metal.


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