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Happy Heavy Metal Holidays By The Blek Goat


heavy metal holidays
Hello metalheads!
The Blek Goat and myself, Rok Krivec, wish you all happy heavy metal holidays. They year 2014 is quickly getting to it’s end and I hope you accomplished all the goals you set for 2014 and most importantly listened to a gazillion of metal. 2015 is just around the corner and that means a fresh new year full of new albums, music videos and newly discovered bands. Who is excited? I know I am!

Happy Heavy Metal Holidays y’all!

It really amazes me how many amazing bands are out there and pretty much every single day I discover at least one new one. I wondered several times already what is the number of active metal bands are out there, but I really can’t even imagine it. I seriously have no idea. 10,000? Maybe 100,000? Maybe even more? Just think about it, almost every single village or city has a few bands, so you know the number is huge. And this means only one thing, Metal Is Huge! Metal is everywhere, you just need to discover it.
Anyways, I just want to wish you one more time, Happy Heavy Metal Holidays. Stay true to the scene and enjoy it to the fullest.
A Merry Heavy & A Happy Metal! \m/


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