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GWARbar Serving “Gourmet Junk Food” In Richmond, VA


The GWAR guys are expanding their amazing stage performance to something that at first sight doesn’t sound very delicious. Yes, they are opening the GWARbar in Richmond, Virginia and you know it is going to be super rad. Just imagine all those crazy stage stuff in a bar… just awesome!
Back in May they ran an Indiegogo campaign setting a goal of $50,000, but unfortunately they raised (only) $21,811. What’s important, this failed campaign didn’t stop them, so they joined forces and continue working on the upcoming GWARbar. There is still no official opening date set, but according to their Facebook page, the opening should happen any time now.

Even if you haven’t been to any of GWAR’s shows, I am sure you saw videos from their shows. You know about their outrageous stage performance that includes human meat grinders, crazy costumes, tons of “fluids” and other wilderness. Now they will try and incorporate as much as possible in the GWARbar and making Dave Brockie’s last dreams a reality. Band said that his death made them more determined than ever to make this bar a reality.

They teamed up with Richmond’s restauranteur, Travis Croxton, and this Gwar themed bar concept is slowly becoming a reality. Travis responded about the idea with, “It’s fucking genius.” GWAR is also lucky to have Michael Derks on board, better known as Balsac the Jaw’s Of Death, and his 30+ years of experiences in restaurant business who will create the food and cocktail menu. Of course all the rest of the band members will be also contributing all their talents and ideas to create an experience unlike any other in the Richmond area.

“You will know that you are a part of GWARbar just as GWAR will always be a part of you.”

I don’t know how far they currently are, but the building they found in Richmond’s historic Jackson Ward needs a complete renovation. The kitchen, where Derek’s “gourmet junk food” will come to life, a smoke house to crate their world famous GWAR-B-Q and what they call a “GWAR sized meat grinder.” And of course everything in between.
What they are most excited about the GWARbar is creating Richmond’s premiere beer garden called, beer GWARden.
Unfortunately there is not much informations on their official website yet, but feel free to check it out. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page for all the updates, videos and photos.

My last words? You can never go wrong with a combination of heavy metal and good food. So GWAR, open the GWARbar already!


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