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Fog – Mors Atra Album Feature And Interview


It is Friday, it is Doughnut Day and to top it all up, it’s my birthday. Actually, to bring it even further, here I am with a new band/album feature. Now this is I call one hell of a Friday.
After Cold Raven’s post from earlier this week, I am moving to north of Italy, to La Spenzia to be exact. This time it’s all about a band simply called, Fog.

This 5 piece band was formed back in 1997 and it was just this year when they released their first full length album titled “Mors Atra.” Due to some issues and even a split, they did not release much in the past, so we could say this is their fresh new beginning. Before giving Fog a go, I imagined, due to its name, this would be a black metal band, but I was wrong. Not completely wrong, but still, not what my mind was telling me this band is about. After hitting play button, I almost though I predicted correctly, because “Mass Hysteria’s” first few seconds are very black-ish, but again I failed. OK, I guess it’s time that I finally tell how Fog sounds. You only have to listen a rough 30 seconds of the first song and you’ll quickly realize that old school death metal is what this band is about. But then, after listening to this whole nine track album, you’ll hear that they are more than just an old school death metal band. There could be find quite a lot of thrash metal, progressive and yes, even black metal in their music. As Cristiano, Fog’s drummer, said, the one song that covers all sub-genres (and even more) is the last track, which happens to be title track, “Mors Atra.” It is the longest song on the album and from my point of view, one amazing finish of this heavy record. The song is a great balance of all the mentioned styles with a nice new-age touch to it.
Now I go celebrating my birthday with another round of Fog’s “Mors Atra.”


To learn more about the band, read drummer’s, Cristiano Pappalardo’s answers on some quick questions below.

1. Who are you, where do you come from and who are band members?
Hi, this is Cristiano typing (drummer), thanks a lot for your interest. We are Fog, a death metal band from north Italy, precisely from La Spezia. The actual Fog members are: William Perfigli (vocals), Cristiano Pappalardo (drums), Michele Podda (lead guitar), Giovanni Luciani (guitar) and Mattia Bonini (bass).

2. How long are you together and how did you meet and come up with the idea about creating a band?
Well, the original Fog band formed in 1997 as a group of friends. As every band starting with a genre like that it was quite difficult to emerge, technically overall… so we released only two demo tapes: In 2002 “The Answer,” the first self-produced demo of 4 tracks and in 2004 record “Slaves,” a 4 track promo self printed in very few copies. Afterwards the band split up for 6 years, so that’s why there is not much discography behind us. The first promo CD after the split, “Chaos Regnat” was a “test bench” for the new direction of “new” Fog band. In 2014 we decided to entrust the recording of our first full length album “Mors Atra” to Freddy Delirio (Death SS, H.A.R.E.M.) and his F.p. recording studio. Our choice was perfect and the sound is killer! The recording sessions lasted for a couple of weeks in summer of 2014 and album saw light in march 2015 after a few months searching for a right label contract, finally with Sliptrick Records.

3. Which are you biggest band influences?
Our album “Mors Atra” is the perfect balance of our 5 minds and different music genres we usually listen to. Through nine tracks you can detect death metal brutality, black metal sinister melodies, some thrash riffing and progressive metal ideas. Our sound is an old school death metal influenced by Obituary, Morbid Angel and Krisiun with a modern approach and different contaminations of Behemoth, Vader and more. The title track “Mors Atra” contains, in our opinion, all these features.

4. What can we expect from you in the second half of 2015?
We are already working on a few songs for the next album but in the near future we’ll play live as much as we can to promote Mors Atra.

“We really hope to see you all breaking bones in the moshpit during a Fog gig.”

5. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.
We’re now arranging with our label a little tour in east Europe in October/November, and other gigs in north Italy. We really hope to see you all breaking bones in the moshpit during a Fog gig. We’ll not delude you, you can see the true value of a metal band only on stage!

6. Where can we find more about you?
Thanks for asking me that. Follow us on and our web site We also have Mors Atra T-shirts all sizes (girls too), stickers, elastic cuffs and latest old-logo T-shirts and, of course, our CD in jewel-box format. Just email us at!

7. Any last words you’d like to add?
Thank you for the interest, we really hope that you all will enjoy out “Mors Atra” album and that it can sound in thousands of speakers and blow them!


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