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Foetal Juice’s Official “Albert Grindstein” Video Will Shock You


I think this Thursday is one in a million, because I do not know when will be the next time when I will be posting a video of a little guy “playing drums” to Pantera and a video of old cleaning ladies going “grindcore.”
This new official music video from British band Foetal Juice for song “Albert Grindstein” will definitely shock you. It could also happen that your jaw drops, so watch out and don’t whine later that I did not warn you.
Anyways, it is always a really good thing when you get pleasantly surprised, cause admit it, who expected a bunch of old women going brutal? And to top it all up, going brutal to a song titled “Albert Grindstein.”
This is golden.

Video was directed by Mat Johns and was recorded at the Vagrant Studios by Tom Dring.
This is the first song from an upcoming split CD Foetal Juice is doing with Human Landfill. The CD will be released via Grindscene Recrods.
In the mean time, go to band’s Bandcamp page now and download “Albert Grindstein” and try to convince your mom, or even better, grandma, to go crazy on it. If she will say no, show her the video.


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