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Falkenbach – It’s Time For Some Glorious Tunes


To kick this week off in style I am doing it with some glorious tunes by no other than Falkenbach. If your taste in metal music has anything to do with Vikings, than I am 100% sure you’ll love this band a lot (in case you don’t know about them yet). Not only Viking style, but you will also find plenty of folk and black metal melodies mixed with atmospheric touches in their music. But I am no music geek, so I share only what my ears hear and I don’t like going into details. Details are what, in my opinion, every person should though over by himself and develop his or hers own opinion by one band’s music.

Falkenbach is a Germany based Viking metal band that was formed back in 1989 in Iceland. They are one of the first bands that started incorporating Viking theme into metal, developing nowadays’ very popular Viking metal. They are Vratyas Vakyas, who’s with the band since the beginning, Balthorn, Hagalaz and Tyrann. Why I think Falkenbach is also a very special and one of a kind band is due to their lyrics. They write lyrics not only in English, but also in Latin, Old German and Old Norse, making their music even more beautiful than it already is. If you feel a bit romantic today, invite your better half over, light some candles, tune in some Falkenbach and just enjoy yourselves. You’ll get rewarded, I guarantee you.
To date they released six studio albums: “… En Their Medh Riki Fara…” (1996), “… Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri…” (1998), “Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty” (2003), “Haraldig – The Fireblade” (2005), “Tiurida” (2011) and “Asa” (2013).
I actually heard “Asa” just recently and I must say that this is definitely my favorite one. Not to mention that “Bluot Fuër Bluot” is by far my favorite song.

In German Falkenbach means “Falconbrook.”

Now seat back, relax and enjoy.


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