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Cold Raven – Equilibrium And Chaos Feature + Interview


One of the best parts of running The Blek Goat is getting free music. Seriously, it’s insane and I can not be more thankful to all the records and promoters for sending over the stuff. Thanks!
Considered being a huge death metal enthusiast when I got into metal (thanks Cannibal Corpse) I really grew my love for black metal in the last few years. Today I can easily say that black metal is my favorite genre of metal, so no wonder why I am extra excited about the Cold Raven album. I never heard for this band before, so I was clueless what they are all about.
Their first full length album is titled “Equilibrium And Chaos” and if I am right, it was recorded, mixed and mastered in just three months. After you’ll hear it for the first time I am sure you will not notice that it took them only three months. Cold Raven’s debut album is a great mix of old school and new school black metal. An amazing combination of rawness and melodicness (is this even a word?), but they call their style, doomed black metal. While listening to “Equilibrium And Chaos” you can quite easily recognized that they are influenced by bands like Mayhem, Taake, Watain, Burzum. And maybe even Ages (which I am quite into lately). Not to mention Dissection, which is one of my favorite band.

cold raven
“Equilibrium And Chaos” starts with a one and a half minute long atmospheric guitar intro that preps you for the chaos and equilibrium that follows. Within the first seconds of “No Mercy” you are already hooked and there is no way out. It was a hard time picking song(s) that stood out, because the whole album is really good. But, at the end I did manage to come up with two that are a step above from the rest, “In Worship With My Inner Darkness” and “Eons Of False Prophets.” I have no idea who recorded bass and drums, but he, she or they, did a good job. Especially on drums.


To learn more about Cold Raven, I managed to get this quick interview done, so scroll down and find out more about the guys.

1. Who are you, where do you come from and who are band members?
We come from the northern suburbs of Milan, Italy. After some line-up problems during and immediately after recording of our first album we have decided that Cold Raven would be a trinity from that moment.
UrielRaka – Vocals
Haures – Guitars
Vuall – Guitars
Session bassist and drummer are covering live duties.

2. How long are you together and how did you meet and come up with the idea about creating a band?
Each of us has played in some underground bands “for fun” before meeting one night and decide to form Cold Raven (2013), in which we pour our passion for black metal (both old school, raw black metal and the Swedish, melodic style) and for dark arts.

3. Which are your biggest band influences?
We listen many genres but talking about black metal our favorite bands are Dissection, old Mayhem and old Burzum, Watain, Emperor, Taake,…

4. What can we expect from your in the second half of 2015?
We are focused on playing live shows till next winter, then we hope to have the chance to play in one of the black metal festival that take place around April each year and in the meantime we’ll write new songs to be recorded around summer 2016, released the following winter.

“You should come to join our ritual, in which darkness and death join light and life.”– Cold Raven

5. Tell us about your next show and why we should be there.
At the moment we can tell you we’ll play a big festival in Italy next September and we probably will play another festival in August, both with two historical BM bands as headliner, but we cannot reveal the details. In September we should be able to play some shows in Germany. You should come to join our ritual, in which darkness and death join light and life. Equilibrium and Chaos. A celebration of opposites on which the world itself balances.

6. Where can we find more about Cold Raven?
You can find us on:

7. Any last words you’d like to add?
Thank you for the interview!


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