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Christopher Lee Releases New Heavy Metal Christmas Single


I do ask myself from time to time what would I be doing at the age of 90. First of all I really hope I will still be alive and healthy and active. And secondly, I am definitely be listening to metal music. I don’t know what kind of metal I will be into at that age, but I am 100% sure my neighbours will think I am a mad man, due to listening heavier music.
On the other hand, here we have amazing actor, who played Saruman and Dracula and many other characters, Christopher Lee still being in action and into heavy metal at the age of 92. Yep, he is 92 years old and it seems nothing is holding him back. Maybe it’s because of the music. You know the saying, “If you think you are too old to rock then you are.” Christopher Lee is far away from being too old.
This year Christopher released his third Heavy Metal Christmas single. Back in 2012 he released his first single “A Heavy Metal Christmas” and a year later he released “A Heavy Metal Christmas Too.” This year he is back with “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing” what means he is finally having a trilogy of Christmas singles. Single is a mix of songs like Silent Night, The Little Drummer Boy and Jingle Bells with a heavy metal twist.
It has been released through Christopher Lee’s own Label Charlemagne Production. You can get it on iTunes, Amazon or Google Music.
You still don’t know what to buy your beloved metalheads? Here is the answer.


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