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Chris Fronzak, Attila Frontman, Interviewed By Lambgoat



“I don’t have LSD – Lead Singer Disease. I’m pretty chill.” – Chris Fronzak

It was actually not that long ago when I first heard for the band Attila. Well, it went like this. I somewhere spotted the “A” logo and I really digged it. I immediately went searching what this “A” is all about and it turned out it was Attila. Later went to YouTube and typed in band’s name to check what their music is all about. I can fire it straight away, this is not my style of music. Over the next weeks and months I kept seeing everyone mentioning Attila and Chris Fronzak aka Fronzilla, so I decided to do a little deeper research what these guys are all about. Well, what Fronzilla is all about. One of the first things that popped out was Stay Sick. I had no idea this guy owns a clothing brand and sells T-shirts with “Suck My Fuck” printed on them. I though to myself, OK, this is interesting, we have a business man here. Then I gave Attila another listen and unfortunately nothing changed. The band simply is not for me. But that doesn’t mean I hate it or something. It amazes me, especially since they are getting quite a big deal lately and not to mention that Chris Fronzak is a serious entrepreneur.

And then after reading Chris Fronzak’s interview on Lambgoat, I instantly knew I will be writing about him on The Blek Goat. People who are doing several stuff at a time and are being successful really inspire me. It is just amazing seeing band members being extremely active outside the band.
Besides being Attila’s frontman, Chris Fronzak is founder of Stay Suck clothing brand and Spur application, is quite active on YouTube and much more. He’s also putting out a rap album.
After reading several comments on social networks and various websites I know many of you hate this guy. Maybe it is because he is posting so much “expensive stuff” on his social media? Or maybe just because he is mega successful and you are extremely jealous? I think it is the second thing and not many are willing to admit it. Can I make you hating him even more? He is building an eight-bedroom house.
After reading the interview I think Chris Fronzak is quite a down to earth guy and like he says, chill. Now “Suck My Fuck” and go read the interview.

Just in case you would like to watch/listen to some Attila:


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