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Cenobites Official Music Video By Aborted


There you have it, a new official music video from Belgian death metal band Aborted for the song “Cenobites.” You can find this song on their eight studio album titled The Necrotic Manifesto that was released earlier this year via Century Media.
Even if you consider yourself a true metalhead, you can have slight problems watching the video. I am not saying it’s ultra horror or something, but if you are of weak stomach, you will need to close your eyes a few times.
OK, jokes aside, the “Cenobites” official video and song fit perfectly together and are crazy good. I really like the heaviness and if you haven not heard Aborted’s newest album yet, you better listen it ASAP.
Later this month, on November 20, Aborted will be heading on the Hell Over Europe tour. They will be joined by Exhumed, Miasmal and Origin and together they will be performing all over Europe. Make sure you head over to their official website for the tour dates. For the rest of the world, Aborted will be performing live in South Africa in March, 2015. In April, 2015 you will get a chance to check them out in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.
If you dig “Cenobites” song you better don’t miss one of their shows, because you know live version will be even better.
hell over europe


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