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Burzum Is This Week’s Black Metal Band On Repeat


After finally watching the “Until The Light Takes Us” documentary I seriously can not stop listening to Burzum. Before the documentary I actually didn’t gave them (him) much attention, but now it kinda obsessed me. I seriously enjoy the mix of music styles Varg Vikernes is representing through Burzum. From classic Norwegian black metal, to ambient, atmospheric, medieval music and more. It is pure epicness and what’s really amazing, even people who aren’t into black metal and metal at all enjoy some of the music Varg put out. Perfect music for tricking people, if they don’t know band’s roots.
When many people out there hear Burzum their first reaction is burning churches and the murder of Euronymous (Mayhem’s guitarist). Then you have people who are going hatefully against Varg and on the other side people who are hailing him. I am on no one’s site and I am supporting no one. What I am supporting is the music. I seriously can not express myself how much I enjoy Burzum’s music. The rawness and all those guitar riffs that are burning your ears are crazy good.
Over the past few days I went through most of his stuff several times, but it’s “Jeg Faller” that is standing out for me. I don’t know why exactly, but after hearing it for the first time a few years back I instantly knew this song is the one. And if I would need to pick one song from all those mind blowing non-black-metal songs, I think I would go with “Die Liebe Nerpus.'” I seriously wish this song would be at least ten minutes long.

If you are after some more stuff from Burzum, listen to “The Ways Of Yore” album that was release last year below.

For more, visit the official website and Varg’s blog


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