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Sneak Peek: The Blek Goat’s Handcrafted Leather Goodies


As is metal music my huge passion I am also passionate about creating stuff with my hands. This brings the first line of handcrafted leather goodies to The Blek Goat accessories collection. In my opinion there are three things that go extremely well together: heavy metal, beer and leather.
I first came in touch with leather when I was 14 or so years old when I was making myself leather cuffs. My obsessions with bracelets lasted for a little while, but eventually I “grew up” and stopped wearing them. It was just a few years ago when I decided to go back into the leather “business.”
Fast forward today, I am dropping this quick little sneak peek of four leather goodies that will soon be available at TBG store. No spikes and no crazy chains and such, just good old high quality Italian leather and stainless steel hardware. Every single products is hand cut, hand stitched and embossed with The Blek Goat’s logo. No machines are used during production, just plenty of elbow grease.
The collection of four handcrafted leather goodies with the whole story about my leather passion will be dropping in the upcoming days.
Until the announcement of the leather collection release listen to plenty of your favorite metal music. \m/


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